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EPA(NZ) Decision Keeps GE in the Lab with Few Safety Controls on GMO Product. 21/05/2024

The experiment to scale up fermentation production could increase risks of impurities and contaminants that must be tested for and prevented or cause potentially serious problems. We need to address the state of the industrial farming model.  However, the solution is not to make synthetic laboratory foods in another industrial production model but to focus on organic regenerative non-chemical, GE free food systems...more

Screenshot 2024 04 30 at 3.25.03PM

Genetically Engineered pig-soy a threat to vegetarians and vegans alike 30/04/2024

All consumers, especially vegans and vegetarians are right to be concerned by the threat of eating genetically engineered (GE) soy products that have been engineered with pig genes. APHIS the regulatory body for GE organisms will have no authority to regulate for safety the pork soybean nor its progeny that is derived from crosses with non-modified plants...more

null seg illustration 4 ResizedImageWzY4MSw0MDBdLack of Expertise at MPI to Manage GE-derived Plants: Risk of Unintended Consequences 09/04/2024

MPI lacks the capacity to do what is being asked. Without adequate safety studies, technological expertise and omics testing facilities, the EPA’s decision to devolve responsibility to MPI risks integrity of the regulatory system and the safety of the economy and environment...more

IMG 6704Government's 'GMO 2025' Jeopardises Agriculture and the Environment 22/03/2024

Minister Judith Collins spearheading "GMO 2025" comes from being heavily lobbied with misleading information on existing legislation around medicines and the environment. Strong GE accountability and management through precautionary regulation must be paramount to maintaining assurance of the safety of New Zealand products...more

healthyFSANZ Fails Responsibility for 'Duty of Care' as Untested GM Bananas Gets Go-Ahead  25/02/2024

FSANZ have approved a food that does not meet their legislative responsibilities and could potentially be harmful or cause allergies in consumers. The Ministerial Forum must require that before they approve GM bananas entry into the food chain they have seen consumer evidence of safety, conducted in long term studies...more

12870 2020 2385 Fig2 HTMLGE Watchdog Decision Risks Compromising Protection of the Environment and Health 22/02/2024 

"Null Segregants" are trojan horses and as defined by NZ law genetically modified organisms (GMOs), therefore subject to regulation.  The EPA is ignoring its regulatory responsibility for precaution.  "Null Segregants" can have unintended genetic changes with a potential to harm the environment, other plants or health, so must be regulated...more 

GMWatch comments on GE Free NZ "null segregants" 

waspOtago GE Wasp Project violates International Gene Drive agreement 31/1/2024

Professor Dearden, Otago University, has received $11 million from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) to engineer wasps using gene drive technology.  He is only consulting with Māori and regulators, ignoring and side-lining the views of other concerned New Zealanders.New Zealand scientists must not go rogue. We must be part of the international community deliberations and not be seen to be pushing ahead against the international concern...more

ACT's outdated GE policy ignores the scientific perils. 15/01/2024

The GE rye grass trials failed to meet the projected outcomes, yet the political parties are denying the science showing that GE trials have been a failure. New Zealand must ensure current legislation on GE is science not outcome expectation based. Emerging new biotechnologies (NBTs) have unintended off target effects showing deleterious mutations. To protect farmers, consumers and the environment, New Zealand must ensure that all NBTs are fully regulated with no exemptions...more



Happy New Year 2024

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gmo genetic modified food warning sign front wheat field 134368917

Scientists Warn Against Liberalising Rules on Genetic Engineering 12/12/2023

The coalition government must listen to independent scientists who have no financial interest in GE patents or IP. Public conversation and policy about GE must not be captured by commercial biotechnology interests...more


MA I084450 TePapa mothers say Keep Our thumbLiberalisation of Genetic Engineering Threatens the Environment, Farmers and New Zealand 27/11/2023

The new government is backing GE technology that has failed to improve and fight climate change. We have had 24 years of GE crops and to date this has only expedited the risks of climate change with overuse of pesticides, monocultures of GE herbicide-tolerant crops causing increased weed and pest resistance. This is leading to overuse of topical insecticides, like the dangerous bee killing neonicotinoids...more


image 12219e Bananas

Call to "Stop the Clock" on Approval of Genetically Engineered Bananas 02/11/2023

This application causes high concern  for consumers due to the lack of information on food safety and what happens to the novel constructs and proteins after the banana is eaten, especially our infants and children. Studies have shown that transgenes do affect the digestive system as well as the organs of animals that eat them. FSANZ must “stop the clock” and conduct safety studies to assure the public these GM bananas are safe to eat...more


Protect Brand NZExporters Urged to Speak Up Over Risks of National's Biotechnology Policy 30/10/2023

There is a significant threat to exports and to the economy from National's intention for open up to GE release. The loss of a point of difference from competing OECD countries by removing current regulation will “kill the goose that lays the golden egg,”...more

ge trees ingles

International Day of Action Against Monoculture Tree Plantations  20/09/2023

On this International Day of Action, we are calling on the Brazilian government to reconsider the approval of the genetically engineered eucalyptus and address the harm that the continued destruction of the rich diverse flora and fauna of Brazil will have on the future generations and overturn the decision to plant GE trees...more

Letter to Brazilian Ambassador

pasture renewal buttercupsAgResearch Moves to Develop Conventional Ryegrass Breeding Techniques 07/09/2023

It is pleasing that AgResearch's ryegrass breeding programme will not include any genetically engineered technologies. The move, however, away from the failed GE ryegrass does not mean AgResearch is looking for non GE solutions.  AgResearch is still persisting with their GE programme and has received research funding to genetically engineer clover ignoring the high performing pasture varieties suitable for all farming systems, conventional and organic, on the market today...more

Would a U.S. Free Trade Deal force New Zealand to adopt GE? 31/08/2023

We should be very suspicious about any Free Trade deals that requires interference with our sovereignty. We cannot compromise our economy by allowing the deregulation and release of GE organisms into the environment, when the science shows there are so many risks and unknown effects...more

New Risks From Proposed Changes to GE Rules 10/08/2023

The Ministry for the Environment document proposing loosening regulatory oversight for GE laboratory microbes, viruses and bacteria poses a threat to people's health and the environment. These proposals weaken monitoring of lab work and open up new risks from changes in technology and biomedical applications....more

IMG 7457

 Update on Brazil trip 13/6/2023

Ignorance around Regulation of Genetic Modification 12/6/2023

It is short sighted and dangerous to New Zealand for National and other parties to continuously promote failed GM options when we have organic solutions that have proved their ability to be safe for the consumer, have good husbandry care, consumer preference and environmental improvements...more

Rye grassViability Questioned After GE Ryegrass Application Withdrawn 2/6/2023

It is appalling that Federated Farmers are also trying to undermine regulation in their push for commercialisation of GE ryegrass as a monoculture while ignoring alternatives of diverse mixed forage that is shown to be effective in reducing methane...more

Secret Talks To Allow GE Seeds Without Regulation Threatens New Zealand Farmers 10/05/2023

National Newswatch Canada article indicates that the New Zealand Government has been in closed door talks to “progress allowing GE seeds to be imported and sold in New Zealand, the UK and the European Union...more

FtW6r8vWIAA78RVInternational Community Mourns Loss of Leading Advocate for Organic Food 1/05/2023

GE Free NZ board and members extend our condolences to Ronnie Cummins family, friends and countless people around the world who his work touched. We will remember his vision for a safe world through organic regenerative systems and seek to continue and promote his life’s work and vision...more

Impossible Burger Stops Using GMO Soy protein As Its Main Ingredient in NZ 27/04/2023

Impossible Foods has revealed that they have stopped using GMO soy protein in their "Impossible burger" products exported to New Zealand and Australia...more


OIA documents on Impossible foods from MPI

gm free farm

Call for Review of New Zealand's Approval of GE Rice 20/4/2023

FSANZ must recall the GE Rice approval in light of the significant decision by the Philippine Supreme Court which signals the legal basis for safety data to be part of genuine regulation...more

40380IG00 wNew Zealand Native Bees Are Under Threat From The Toxic Pesticide Thiamethoxam 30/3/2023

Actara is a systemic, persistent pesticide and is a known endocrine disruptor and neurotoxin. Thiamethoxam has a high toxicity for pollinators, bees and bumblebees and it is linked to bee colony collapse...more

Dr Ngaire Hart presentation on Native Bees

Te Ao Tapatahi Neil Waka talks to Dr Ngaire Hart about Ngaro Huruhuru

IMG 6689Organic Bill Welcomed to Future-Proof Exports and Take Action on Climate Change 29/3/2023

Trust in the safety and integrity of food, and taking real action on climate change with organic agriculture are vital to our economic success. Parliament are to be congratulated for passing this Bill and recognising the ecological wisdom that is needed for agriculture to become sustainable and to leave a healthier planet for our children...more

Federated Farmers' LifeSciences Push to Loosen GE Regulation is a Threat to Farmers and Exports 18/03/2023

Farmers are being strung along with future promises of unproven GE technology that is short sighted, less effective than existing natural crops and hooks them into license fees for patented pesticide dependent plants...more

Corn field 1200x600Lesson for NZ in drought tolerant maize pushed on Africa by Monsanto 14/2/2023

"The record of failure of GE to deliver claimed benefits, including tackling climate change, should be a wake up call for NZ political parties looking to weaken or exempt Gene Edited crops from regulation in the belief that they are the same as naturally cross-bred crops.Political parties trying to justify deregulation of Genetic Engineering must think again"...more

Corn picture GMWatch 


House of Lords' Concern for Gene Editing 'Skeleton' Bill is a Warning for NZ Lawmakers 13/12/2022

Pesticides are being removed due to their unexpected adverse persistent toxicity to the environment, insects and people. Yet the Skeleton Bill is set up to allow the same corporations to escape regulation and release unknown persistent genetic pollution that contaminates the whole environment, with no accountability...more

Genome Editing in Food and Farming 1200x628FSANZ Plan to Deregulate Gene Editing Threatens Consumer Choice and Food Safety 4/12/2022

In its decision FSANZ has failed in its responsibility to protect consumers from health risks from untested novel GE foods. The Minister must urgently act to question FSANZ the failure to consider submissions which call for regulation, labelling and traceability ...more

c8ad EPA make right decision on three toxic organophosphates 19/10/2022

Joint Press Release (GE Free NZ and Safe Food Campaign)

We are very pleased to finally have the end of these damaging pesticides in sight. These organophosphates, like others still registered, are notorious for their adverse effects on the nervous system, especially in young children who take in more of them from their food than other age groups....more

GE Trees unknown irreversible impacts threaten fragile ecosystems 09/10/2022

GE trees are not a climate solution. Genetically engineered trees would add unnecessary risks to indigenous and exotic forests, with unknown irreversible impacts ...more

Screen Shot 2022 09 07 at 9.24.34 AM Costly research and little success from GE Ryegrass Trials 07/09/2022

This failed experiment has cost the taxpayer millions of dollars for no positive result. Rye grass is available today with more sustainable and proven outcomes than the poorly performing GE ryegrass, Government Ministries should be supporting and recognising the existing agro-ecological solutions available and supporting systems to promote them ...more

Greens Called to Reinstate Toi Te Taiao -The Bioethics Council 22/07/2022

When Jeanette started her work, it was in the knowledge that commercial interests were already keen to commercialise these powerful emerging technologies. To maintain public trust an independent body, such as Toi Te Taiao, is needed. Strict regulation and liability is needed to reign in the appetite for risk that is prevalent in the biotechnology and innovation sectors, driven by Intellectual Property not the public interest...more

Open letter to the Green Party. 

Will NZ really miss out by not adopting synthetic biology (GE) technology? 01/06/2022

New Zealand farmers need to be careful not to fall under the influence of large agricultural life sciences agendas and to keep focused on the huge advantages for New Zealand of farming without GE or chemicals to meet the global demand for safe, natural and ethical products...more

mockup with GE and disclosure on pack copy Countdown GMO Impossible Burger goes to Commerce Commission. 9/05/2022

Countdown have let down their customers by a failure to meet expectation of honest disclosure on packaging. In this case it is likely to be misleading to consumers and is the subject of formal complaint that this is a breach of the Fair Trading Act...more

Picture: Mock up of what the labelling should look like

synbiots100New Zealand Must Support Global Regulation of Synthetic Biology 'Pandora's Box 04/05/2022

The complex natural systems that underpin New Zealand farming and other primary production are vulnerable to disastrous mistakes from synthetic biology.  We now have a very dangerous drive to commercialise synthetic biology. The global community is under pressure to approve products without any safety information or oversight ...more

Screen Shot 2014 06 03 at 11.42.22 AM pe513x4t6d5u4rhusckt50qwckcowxepd7ypoxdy98Impossible Burger Dropped from NZ Supermarket Site 28/04/2022

The fake GE burger from US Impossible Foods is no longer listed online by New Zealand supermarkets after concerns of greenwashing about the unlabelled use of GE Soy.  We hope Countdown have recognised the problem of deceptive practice of hidden GM Soy used as a main ingredient in Impossible Burger. Consumers have a right to know.  Ethical and sustainable consumers do not want to support GMO soy and would expect it to be labelled voluntarily....more

28 frontier firms green transp v2 PadWzEyMDAsNjMwLCJGRkZGRkYiLDBd

Productivity Commission's Report Advances GE Deregulation Threatening Safe Food Reputation and Ignores Animal Cruelty. 20/4/2022

The report's push for deregulation of Gene Editing would risk disastrous exposure to biological systems. At risk are our world-class reputation for safe food, natural production systems and ethical animal welfare...more

Key and Jackson Urged to Intervene against Impossible Burger’s Green Washing. 10/4/2022

GE-Free NZ has written to ask the knights to speak out against the hidden use of GMO soy and urge the company to stop green washing. The marketing claims of sustainability for the Impossible Burger is misleading consumers who are seeking healthy and sustainable alternatives to meat...more

Kua hinga he Totara i te wao nui a Tane 03/04/2022.

Moana Jackson Law

It is with great sadness we hear of the death of Dr. Moana Jackson.Dr Jackson's passing is a sad loss for Aotearoa and we must not forget the awareness he raised to respect our different cultures and addressing the injustices that still exist today. On behalf of our members we offer our deep sympathy and aroha to the whanau of Moana Jackson ...more

Say No to GMO BurgerCountdown Customers Warned About GMO 'Impossible' Burger 15/3/2022

Customers at Countdown supermarkets and other retail outlets are being advised to be aware of Genetically Engineered ingredients in the USA-made 'Impossible' burger. There are already safer, delicious New Zealand vegetarian and vegan alternatives that do not use GE sourced ingredients in their products...more

multi species swards

AgResearch's GE Clover a Costly Risk ignoring Existing Solutions to Methane Reduction 21/02/2022

The message for government scientists at AgResearch, Fonterra, Beef & Lamb and industry players is to stop ignoring tangible actions on methane reduction we can do now, in the hope of discovering future technical fixes,"...more

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Screen Shot 2021 12 22 at 4.35.18 PM

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support this year.

Have a wonderful peaceful holiday knowing that Aotearoa Is GE Free in its environment and locally grown foods. 

arpadpusztaiRenowned Scientist who warned that 'Tiny' Genetic Changes Matter has Died   24/12/2021

GE-Free NZ acknowledges and celebrates the life of Dr. Arpad Pusztai, a remarkable man and the contribution of independent scientists who follow in his footsteps. "I am not against GM. I am against their dismissal of our rights. They push something which is not properly tested and is potentially dangerous on to us and give us no choice. They have no right to do that. They have only the right to do scientific studies." Arpad Pusztai...more

Uncontrollable Species Collapse Too High a Price for GE predator control  19/11/2021

There can be no justification for experiments that cause needless animal suffering. Genetically engineered pests would not only suffer but have the potential to create highly invasive species and cause devastating ecological damage ...more

New GE Impossible Burger Should Carry Warning label 10/11/211adb6390 de56 11e9 a9bd 83dc423c8c14

There should be a consumer warning label on the “Impossible burger” to alert customers to the novel GMO ingredients ...more

New Zealand Must Not Block Global Consultation of Synthetic Biology 02/10/2021

New Zealand must heed concerns of the International Union for Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) calling for global consultation on Synthetic Biology...more

'Bizarre' Approval of Golden Rice in New Zealand Shows Dark Side of Biotech 24/9/2021Defend our rice

"These devious and unscrupulous dealings show that corporate control of the seed supply is not benevolent but a greedy grab for one of the most important foods for the global community"...more

Kiwi Gardeners' Familiar Herbicide Pulled from US Shelves 1/8/2021RoundUp

One of the most widely applied herbicides, used by New Zealand home gardeners, is being withdrawn from plant shops and supermarket shelves by its maker in the USA. This is an astonishingly implicit admission that serious harm to people is caused by Bayer’s herbicides ...more

Minister Urged to Intervene As Consumers Lose Out With Irradiated Food Approval 7/7/2021

"Unless Ministers intervene now people will need to take extra care in checking labels on imported fresh fruit and vegetables and use our purchasing power to buy New Zealand grown produce and reject irradiated food,"...more

Ministry Wrong to See Future in GE Cigarettes 18/6/2021 image 01 covid smoke

Smoking is dangerous regardless of what it is that is being inhaled. Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of lung cancer and lung disease as the heat and toxins from the smoke destroys the delicate lung tissue."It is short sighted of the Ministry to promote smoking in any form especially smoking cigarettes sourced from the unknown toxic effects of Genetically Engineered tobacco"...more


Commission Report Loses Sight of Sustainable Agriculture 10/06/2021Screen Shot 2021 06 10 at 3.49.28 PM

The Commission's report is seriously flawed by not recommending behavioural change to help farmers shift to regenerative organic farming and ‘nature-based’ solutions. We hope the Minister for Climate Change will understand the need to support urgent education and funding for implementation and adoption of organic and regenerative farming models in light of the climate crisis...more


NZ Scientists warned about danger of GE Viruses and Microbes 14/05/2021Screen Shot 2021 05 14 at 4.34.50 PM

A new report by the Institute for Responsible Technology is an alert for government regulators and scientists that viruses and microbes created with GE technologies like CRISPR urgently require stronger controls in the US and globally...more

New Zealand Minister Silenced in TransTasman GE Forum 11/04/2021

The loss of the Ministerial Forum oversight on GE foods has serious health implications.  The food chain will become a toxic quagmire of unlabelled GE foods, the risks going undetected because of lack of tracing and diagnostic tools.  This will further burden the NZ health system...more

Silent Spring 2.0? - Gene-Silencing Pesticides Could Devastate Non-Target Species  26/03/2021 Screen Shot 2021 03 26 at 9.50.44 AM

This use of RNAi pesticides have the potential to devastate non-target species, such as honeybees and butterflies, and to compromise environmental and human health. “The current situation in New Zealand and overseas is that RNAi pesticides are not being regulated as Genetically Engineered organisms. They need to be," ...more

 March 17th: 'D-Day' for Deregulation of Genetic Engineering.14/3/2021

'D-Day' will mean Disaster Day, if products from Gene Editing are not regulated for safety for people and the environment and registered in a global database...more

Gene Editing consultation information for submissions to DEFRA (UK)

National Gene Technology Scheme, Consultation Regulation Impact Statement consultation document (Australia)

Organic Products Bill a Major Boost for Exporters 25/2/2021lewisbutter/h3>

New Zealand consumers, producers and exporters can only benefit from legislation that protects the integrity of organic and GE-free systems...more

NZ and EU reject Gene Edited Organisms; Government Urged to ensure strong GE regulation 31/01/2021

The hype around the need for GE solutions for New Zealand is not productive for sustainable climate change debate...It is important to focus on sustainable safe existing solutions and not be tempted to unleash the unknown monsters of Pandora’s box...more

 EU Gene Drive Survey results 

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Shopper Warning As Approval Given For Pesticide Corn 13/12/2020

Shoppers must start taking extra care when selecting the type of food they are eating, especially now that GE Corn with multi-pesticide resistance has been given approval by food safety regulators. FSANZ has failed in its responsibilities to the people of New Zealand, because the agency is unable to provide the requisite information regarding any potential allergy or health problems the GM corn might cause when eaten...more

Petition for The Regulation of Gene Edited Foods 1/12/2020Parliment Building Wellington

Kia ora te whanau, this is amazing, in 20 days we have received over 1075 signatures to the petition. This shows the level of support for maintaining and strengthening the FSANZ Act regulation of GE foods. Consumers need to have full confidence in the information and safety of all food, and full regulation of GE food must be upheld in the FSANZ review”...more

Level of Animal Suffering 'Unacceptable' in AgResearch GE Experiments 15/11/2020GE Animals in New ZealandPage01

Regardless of the methods used, whether transgenic or gene edited, the experiments on sentient animals are distressingly inhumane and a cruel failure,...more



Gene Editing a Hot Debate 27/10/2020268793304gene editing scaled

We are very concerned about the forum’s inability to acknowledge the thousands of published articles in respected scientific journals showing that Gene Editing has serious off-target effects, with mutations that pose long-term risks to the environment and people...more

Rural News 30.10.2020 on Gene Editing forum

Gene Editing Forum: Stacked Attack on GM Regulation 19/10/2020

It is highly concerning that yet again this forum does not focus on the science of Gene Editing but a selection of people who are compromised by commercial interests and who are lobbying for the removal of GE regulation...more

Scientists Raise Safety Concerns For Glyphosate-Resistant GE Foods 5/09/2020spray.jpg

Nobody is responsible for testing toxic chemical residues in scores of imported GE foods that FSANZ have approved. Food safety is significantly undermined by this gap in regulation, but the New Zealand Minister is left as powerless as consumers in being able to address the situation...more

New Zealand Needs its Own Food Safety Authority 30/08/2020

We believe that the trans Tasman FSANZ is not fit for purpose and has many inconsistencies in setting safety standards for GE foods. This is inherently unjust to the public, and there should be a dedicated Food Standards Regulatory Authority in New Zealand."...more

Protection from GE for Northland Growers and Exporters Welcomed 13/08/2020Northland CMA

"We would like to thank all those involved, our lawyers, councils, and supporting parties in achieving this outcome. This protects the Northland environment from the devastating, polluting, pesticide effects by prohibiting the release of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and allows Northland to keep promoting the region as a safe place to source food."...more

ENV-2019-AKL-000177- Environment Court Decision 7/8/2020 

Safety Regulations for GE Under Threat 31/07/2020

Pexa Vec (Pexastimogene Devacirepvec) a live genetically engineered small pox (vaccinia) virus failed to reach its clinical endpoints and was closed down eighteen months early. This result shows that there are still many uncertainties about how GE technologies impact human health....more

Call for Politicians to Keep Regulation of Gene Editing 21/07/2020 image 20151201 26546 ofjsvn

Politicians from all parties are being asked to ensure there are strict regulations on Genetically Engineered Organisms, including Gene Editing. The published science shows we cannot be confident in sweeping claims of precision or safety. The unexpected collateral effects of Gene Editing strongly support New Zealand taking the precautionary approach...more

Sarah's Country Interview with Jon Carapiet

Precautionary Provisions on Genetic Engineering are Welcome 18/6/2020

The Northland Regional Council has passed a motion to include provisions in the Proposed Northland Regional Plan regulating the use of genetically modified organisms in the coastal marine area.The result of the NRC meeting is very exciting for the Northland Region......more

GE Corn Resistant to Twelve Pesticides a Poisonous Cocktail. 14/04/2020 meyer agri air spray plane

A variety of genetically engineered (GE) corn developed to survive spraying with up to twelve different pesticides risks exposing consumers in New Zealand or Australia to increased levels of toxic chemicals...more


Are Australian GE Regulators threatening New Zealand’s food chain?  13/03/2020

Friends of the Earth Australia have uncovered disturbing evidence that the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) in Australia has licensed the breeding of dairy cows from gene edited bulls whose genomes have since been found to unintentionally contain bacterial DNA...more

Jeanette FitzsimonsWe Mourn the Passing of A Great New Zealander 07/03/2020

Jeanette Fitzsimons was a voice for a vision of a better future, not just for Aotearoa but the whole world. Her calm and thoughtful ways of doing things showed respect and tolerance for differences of opinion. Her passion to follow her convictions to protect the environment and the welfare of people was central to guiding this country towards being a more sustainable and fair society.

Jeanette's work to protect the environment started early, and when she was elected to Parliament she played an essential role in the development of environmental policies, including the HSNO* Act that ensures there is regulatory oversight of genetically modified/engineered organisms to protect the environment, people and livelihoods.

Her work is a foundation of the growing awareness and commitment to a sustainable future that we see today and represents a legacy for future generations. The best way to honour her memory is to ensure that her kaupapa is respected and carried on.

As those who knew and loved Jeanette mourn her passing, our thoughts and condolences go out to her family...more

New Ryegrass Benefits Farmers, Export Reputation, and Environment. 28/02/2020zoom668x659z100000cw668

The news that Germinal Seeds is developing high lipid grasses to suit New Zealand conditions and not using any GE technologies is encouraging and shows that conventional breeding is ahead of GM/GE development. This choice will allow New Zealand farmers to stay GE Free, and avoid the problems associated with GE contamination...more

Regional Fight to Keep the Waikato GE Free. 29/01/2020

One of the largest topical contests over the use of Genetically Modified /Engineered Organisms (GM/GE) is being argued in the Waikato on Thursday 30 January 2020. The issue is of regional importance but also has wider implications for New Zealand's reputation as a food exporter and of safe, sustainable and clean food to international consumers...more

Application for GMO;Imitation Blood’ Raises Concerns. 19/01/2020images

Foods Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has received an application seeking approval for the GE Imitation blood ingredient used in the Impossible Burger to enter the food chain...The application does not have the proper safety profile for approval of the bacterial ingredient, called leghemoglobin (SLH), derived from genetically engineered soy. ...more

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NZ Should Emulate South Australia's GE Moratorium 15/12/2019

The SA Government is to be congratulated for its understanding of international consumer sentiment. New Zealand farmers must take heed. This outcome in SA means consumers can now be guaranteed that food grown in SA is GE free. ...more

Do GE developers really know what they are doing? 17/11/2019images 2

New Zealand consumers will be left in the dark about foods grown in Australia that have been created using gene editing techniques. This comes when scientists are warning about the dangers posed by gene edited organisms. There are serious mutations and off target effects that have been labelled as “clumsy”...more

Are Experimental GE Factory Farm Animals Vivisection? 08/10/2019

AgResearch's genetic engineering (GE) animal experiments for 19 years has lurched from one failed speculative experiment to another, ignoring the suffering the GE animals sustain,...more

Genetically Engineered Animals: From Lab to Factory Farm 

GMO? soon you won't know.  Scientists discuss concerns on gene editing (video)

Extinction Technology Fails and Creates Super Hybrid GE Mosquitoes 20/09/2019

The unexpected disastrous failure of GE "Pest Extinction" technology has occurred. A new "super" hybrid genetically engineered (GE) mosquito has been created, and no one knows what the implications and dangers are. These Super GE mosquitos cannot be recalled, they can spread across the world taking with them the possibility of new untreatable life threatening diseases...more

Community Support for Councils' appeal on GMO's 12/09/2019

We congratulate the FNDC and WDC on their decisions to appeal, understanding the need to preserve the economic and healthy livelihoods of the region from GMOs ...GE Free NZ will support their appeal as a 274 party...more

Membership and donation to support proceedings 

Cruelty Concerns for Gene Edited Animals, More Than Reputation At Risk 9/9/2019gmo14

The new GM methods are being used to develop more muscular and disease resistant livestock, designed to endure confinement without getting sick; and to create animals that never reach sexually maturity so they eat less food. The risk of extreme animal cruelty is increased if a wild west of gene editing is allowed, ...more

Take Action click for more information

Australia Keep regulations on all GE including CRISPR  

Keep GM Animals of our Farms 

Federated Farmers Challenged For Backing GE-Rygrass 4/9/2019

"It is wrong to try and justify abandoning New Zealand legislation because the GE applicants cannot meet the legislative requirements."...more

FDA findings undermine Royal Society Call for GE Deregulation 14/08/2019image 20151201 26546 ofjsvn

Trust in the Royal Society will be undermined, after the FDA scientists found gene editing errors were being overlooked. The latest was in gene edited (GE) "hornless" cattle where the gene editing accidentally caused antibiotic resistance ...more

GE Regulation In New Zealand Is Robust And Fit For Purpose 2/8/2019

We welcome open debate, but deregulation of gene editing is not an option. The public trust in product quality has given New Zealand a world-class reputation. This point of difference in the global market would be destroyed...more

Midday Rural News coverage

Northland Regional Council Vote Leaves Northlanders Feeling Betrayed 16/7/2019 IMG 3174

Mr. Shepherd has betrayed his community and ignored the experts making a mockery of the consultation process. This overt manipulation of process due to Mr. Shepherd’s personal heavy involvement with Federated Farmers constitutes a serious breach in his duty of care as a democratically elected representative of his community...more

Midday Rural News coverage

Waatea News talks to Linda Grammer. 

US Regulators' Industry Ties Cast Doubt on Decisions by NZ Authorities 11/06/2019

Inappropriate ties to industry and stark differences in responses by different regulatory authorities internationally to chemical and food safety studies has cast doubt on the rigour of New Zealand Regulatory authorities (EPA and FSANZ) decision-making...more

Scientists Warn about risks of Gene Editing Deregulation 25/05/2019file 20170808 20141 gvybeg

A Gene Drive (GE) study acknowledges that gene editing (GE) technology is currently not fit for application due to important uncertainties at the scientific, technical and practical levels and due to serious limitations with their functioning...existing biosafety rules are deficient and not fully equipped to manage the unique risks posed by gene drives”...more

Midday Rural News coverage (starts 4.50mins)

Warning Against 'Wild West' of Gene Editing 30/04/2019

Each gene transformation needs to be tested to evaluate what has changed, To deregulate these organisms opens up a Wild West of genetic engineering. Deregulation is actually anti-science. It denies the real potential for harm that demands oversight in the public interest ...more

Lessons for NZ Farmers in Cancer Link to Glyphosate Based Herbicides 29/03/2019


FSANZ, and the EPA have been negligent in not properly considering the increasing use of pesticides in the work place and in novel foods they approve.  They have ignored the concerns over GM foods carrying high levels of Roundup residue although they are responsible for protecting the public health ...more

Councils Will Not Be Left Liable for Illegal GMO Use or Contamination 11/03/2019

This is an excellent opinion and we are pleased that the report does not show any reason not to place GM rules in the Regional Plan...Due to the inaction to protect farmers from earning a livelihood from GE Free production, it is only reasonable that the Northland Regional Council Plan protects their communities by implementing protections from GMO contamination in light of the many submissions for GE Free protections they received ...more

GE Plants contaminate

Animal investments Put Fonterra's Reputation and Exports At Risk 03/03/2019

Fonterra's, New Zealand's largest dairy cooperative, investment in gene edited, genetically engineered (GE) animal and plant biotech, is putting its cooperative farmer shareholders, brand and reputation at risk ...more

Regenerative farming better for NZ than GM in agriculture and environment 20/02/2019

We are totally in support of the practical non-GM direction the Minister is taking in relation to New Zealand's environment. The older genetically modified and newer gene editing technologies when cultured, cause enormous damage to the plant and pose known and unknown risks to wider ecosystems ...more

Redlove apple cultivar

Pipped at the Post - 'GE Forbidden Fruit' Developers beaten to market 14/01/2019

Plant and Food have spent millions of dollars on these GE apples yet there are already traditionally bred red-fleshed apples on the market. Lubera, a Swiss company, has many varieties of red-fleshed apples that are sweet, tangy crispy and scab resistant already commercialised and on the market ...more

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Thank you for all your support in 2018. Aotearoa's growing environment is GE Free.
See our latest 2018 Newsletter  to catch up on the years mahi.

UN Requires Regulatory Assessment of Gene Drives 1/12/2018

The United Nations, Convention on Biological Diversity decision has mandated that gene drives (GE) must undergo a thorough regulatory risk assessment using scientifically sound case-by-case risk assessments before an environmental release...more

Open Letter - Glyphosate Based Herbicides Reassessment 5/11/2018

Tena koe Dr. Freeth,

In light of new information on the safety profile of GBH and without reassessment the original findings on safety are unreliable. We request under HSNO s63 (2)(b) that the Environmental Protection Authority(EPA) conduct a re assessment of the conditions that the workers and public are subject to when GBHs are being used ...more

Communities to Council: Please Keep Northland GE Free 01/11/2018

We applaud the Regional Council's move to a special hearing to consider precautions around GMOs and hope that they uphold their communities concerns for protection of a GE Free region. Northland region has a growing agricultural market dependent on clean green GE free production...more

Gene Editing Drives into Dangerous Unknown Territory 05/10/2018

The hype around the ease and precision of gene drives for gene editing of plants contradicts the complex changes that occur and pose unknown risks to people, the environment and ecosystems...Once released they are released permanently in the environment and cannot be recalled...more

Regulate new GE techniques or Quit Trans Tasman Food Authority 18/9/2018

Powerful, clear scientific evidence shows the potential risks that new GM techniques pose."A Wild West of genetic tinkering cannot be permitted. New GMO techniques need to be validated and safety checked to see what genetic changes have occured."...more

Visiting Expert Speaks on Gene Technology For Food, Agriculture and Biosafety 30/08/2018

Dr. Latham will talk on the politics of food and address issues of internal culture of decision makers, and the legal framework that is often fraught with industry influences opposing precautionary decision-making, even when the science clearly points to risks...more

Click here for more information  

Government Urged to Review Glyphosate Based Herbicides 13/08/2018

New Zealand must find alternative non-pesticide solutions to farming issues. Agroecology and organic methods have proved that people can farm profitably and sustainably without harmful synthetic pesticides like Roundup...more

EU Decision on Gene Editing Technologies Supports NZ legislation 2/8/2018

Organisations and individuals concerned about the risks posed by GMOs applaud the ruling by the European Court of Justice that the new advanced gene-editing technologies, called "˜GMO 2.0', are genetically modified organisms and should go through the same regulatory process...more

GE Ryegrass Trials Results An Illusion 17/07/2018

There is an opportunity cost in pouring money into GE that deprives farmers of real needed help. Since the idea of GE ryegrass was first conceived advantages provided by quality mixed forages and non-GM High metabolic energy rye grasses with proven safety and performance have been disregarded,"...more

Is Air Zealand disregarding regulations for food and passenger safety? 28/06/2018

Offering it on an aircraft sidelines the approval framework required of consumer food safety. Whilst we applaud the move to vegan diets on Air New Zealand flights, the question needs to be asked as to why Air NZ would put itself in the position of ignoring other delicious innovative plant-based non-GE burgers?...more

Calls for an Independent Bioethics Council to be Reestablished 28/06/2018

"Our concern is that serious and complex issues are being presented in a simplistic and inherently misleading way. The complexities of gene editing have been turned into a series of cartoons, and the absence of any information on the risks is a major error. It appears they are trying to create a patina of simplicity which is misleading for the general public."...more

Wellington Council Urged to Join Other Councils with gmo rules 07/06/2018

GE Free NZ will be presenting a submission asking the Greater Wellington Regional Council to adopt a precautionary approach to the management of GMOs by: prohibiting the outdoor release of a GMO; and making outdoor field-testing a discretionary activity; ...more

Border Control for Gene Kits Urgently Needed 19/05/2018

To protect New Zealanders from the cavalier use and creation of potentially dangerous homemade gene edited bio viruses, MPI must ensure strict border controls. Mandatory declaration and other measures are needed to restrict the spread of gene kits...more

RadioLive interview with Jon Carapiet -  Calls for Government to control importation of gene editing kits

International Stand against FSANZ Approval of Golden Rice 16/04/2018

Unfortunately FSANZ has not provided the scientific evidence that can support GE rice safety. We hope that the Philippine regulators are not as lax and will protect the most vulnerable in their country by ensuring that long term safety studies, along the EU and Codex guidelines, are carried out....more

Appeal Sought Against GE 'Golden Rice'  25/02/2018

"There is a total absence of data on the food when eaten. A pre-market assessment has not been done and significant differences occurred in the GE rice proteins and nutrients, it is difficult to see how the GE rice can be deemed safe and wholesome, when no research has been done on its safety."...more

Golden Rice Approval For New Zealand - A Big Mistake 23/02/2018

"FSANZ have made a big mistake and an independent investigation of the decision is warranted. The organisation's credibility is called into question in an unprecedented way," ...more

Minister urged to immediately call for a review of the GM rice 23/01/2018

"FSANZ did not receive, or request, any ingestion/feeding studies with the application, so there is no data on whether the GM rice expressing these new proteins would cause allergic reactions or even anaphylaxis in children, immune compromised people or the elderly"...more  

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Warning Against Gene-Drive Hype Provided by AgResearch Gene Experiment 18/12/2017

"This disastrous experiment in genetic engineering of animals must be a warning against ignoring and underplaying the risks when gene drive experiments are being discussed"...more

Gene Drive Files - Edward Hammond

Government Urged, Protect New Zealand's GE Free Advantage in the CPTPP 23/11/2017

The CPTPP negotiations have not revealed whether New Zealand will be forced to relax its GE-Free status in the new trade deal. "New Zealand's government must not be forced into releasing GMO's in the environment or to lift it's "zero" tolerance for GE seed in imported stocks"...more

Scientists Warn New-Style GMOs Must Not Escape Regulation 14/11/2017

FSANZ must require all gene-edited foods to be analysed using "omics" technology to look at gene expression, metabolites, and the protein profile. This will determine any changes to gene functions and new proteins. Long-term studies on animals and humans must be carried out to determine if there are any toxic or allergenic effects.   'Regulation of the 2nd generation GMOs is essential in order to protect people and the environment, especially since scientific evidence shows unforeseen risks"...more

Northland Regional Council can introduce precautionary GMO provisions 3/11/2017

"It is now enshrined in law that all councils are able to place precautionary and prohibitive GMO policies in their plans. We endorse the call by GE Free Northland asking Federated Farmers to withdraw their outstanding appeals against  Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council the Auckland Unitary Plan, and the Hastings District Plan  on the GMO plan changes"...more

The Government's focus on the environment is welcomed by GE Free NZ 27/10/2017

"The new government must address the rejection of sustainable farming methods by its predecessor, which has allowed inappropriate intensification of farming, heavy use of glyphosate based herbicides in burn-down practices, and the sowing of neonicotinoid coated grass and crop seeds"...more

Food Standards Approval Ignores Possible Dangers Of GE Potatoes 02/10/2017

"How can FSANZ give consumers an assurance of safety when they do not require any animal or human feeding studies? There is no evidence that the potatoes are safe to eat,"...more  


Protecting GE-Free Advantage Makes Economic Sense For New Zealand 28/08/2017

"GE-Free NZ members are pleased to see that there is a growing consensus across environmentally concerned parties in favour of policies that would not permit the open release of GMOs in New Zealand,"...more

Environmental Guidance in Forestry Standards Is Welcomed 09/08/2017

The National Environmental Standards - Plantation Forestry were released today.  GE Free NZ welcomes the removal of an alarming draft clause that permitted the planting of GE rootstock...more

EPA Failings Leave New Zealand Vulnerable to Toxicity of Common Herbicide 03/08/2017

"The review ignored independent peer reviewed publications, when assessing the toxicity of the probable carcinogen glyphosate. Instead the Chief scientist stated that when used as directed on the label and taking into account the economic cost of food, if glyphosate was not used, it was safe." ...more

USA Public Slam NZ Biotech Company's GE Trees 20/07/2017

On 5 July, the US Department of Agriculture received an astounding 280,000 individual comments, as well as 500 organisations representing millions of people around the world, all opposing this deregulation. Only 3 comments were submitted in favour. Such overwhelming opposition sends a clear message to USDA that GE eucalyptus trees must be rejected ...more

Alarm Bells Ring over GE trees 04/07/2017

In the past one of the biggest GE Eucalyptus tree nurseries was owned by Arborgen NZ. The EPA has not demanded any accountability on this site, there are no annual reports, no inspection or monitoring for potential breaches, escape of GE matter or even that the trees are fully contained. ...more

GMO Potatoes Are A Threat to Public Health 13/6/2017

FSANZ needs to stop the clock immediately on the applications and require lifetime feeding studies, and full analysis of these potatoes before any consideration can be made....more

Illegal GE Flowers Could Be In NZ 09/06/2017

"Consumers at home and abroad want produce grown in New Zealand to be GE Free. It would be devastating if a GE incursion hit our potato or tomato growing industries."...more

Is 2,4-D laden GM cottonseed oil, banned in the EU, being used in New Zealand restaurants? 25/05/2017

Genetically engineered (GE) cotton seed oil grown with the toxic chemical 2,4-D may be entering our foods as restaurants move away from canola oil...more

Consumers Proving Advantage of NZ's GE ree Positioning 04/05/2017

New Zealand's free trade deal with China, our biggest market, has seen investment in New Zealand because of the assurance of quality and GE-Free status.    A Nielsen survey showed that 70% of Chinese consumers were avoiding GMOs in foods and actively seeking to buy GE-free produce...more  

Indigenous Peoples to Maori Party: Protect Communities Right to be GM Free 3/4/2017

"The introduction of GMOs in our communities has been traumatic," said  Teresa Perez World Rain Forest Movement. "Forests have disappeared, indigenous communities have suffered, and people have been poisoned due to the massive overuse of pesticides on transgenic crops."...more

Party Must Protect Future of GE-Free Regions 16/3/2017

"The Maori Party must stand up to the Minister's bullying and subterfuge. The clauses 43A (3A) and 43(3B) are a dishonest and despicable late insertion into a bill ...more

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill!!

E-Mail Action 19-23 March 2017 URGENT

Please click here for further details

Ministers Plan Threatens Economic Sabotage 9/3/2017

It is absurd for central government to be absolving itself of its duty of care to demonstrate the safety of GMO's, yet simultaneously forbidding regional government to apply policies and measures that protect communities and regional economic development for the long term. Nick Smith is effectively setting up a system that will enable destruction of the environment and sabotage the interests of people and communities...more

Public funds wasted offshore as AgResearch trials GE ryegrass in the US (2/2/2017)

"AgResearch must be called to account. The GE ryegrass project is a costly miscalculation and has not improved the quality and resilience of the agricultural system for farmers," ...more

Radio NZ Midday Rural News interview

In memory of Percy Tipene

The passing of Percy Tipene is a great loss for Aotearoa (New Zealand) as well as for his family and friends. Mr. Tipene was visionary who taught by example and led the way in raising awareness of tikanga (indigenous lore), rongoa Maori (medicine) and the whenua (land). As a founding member of Te Waka Kai Ora his quiet dedication to mahinga kai (safe food production) led to the formation of Hua Parakore.

He was highly concerned about the damage to the integrity of animals and plants from genetic engineering. He saw GMOs as an affront to tikanga Maori - disrupting the mauri, whanaungatanga and whakapapa now, and for future generations. He voiced his support for councils enacting precautionary principles on GMOs to protect the environment and communities including conventional and organic agriculture.

He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. Our condolences are with his family, Ngāpuhi, Taitokerau.

International Research finds GE Foods not "Substantially Equivalent" 17/01/2017

The newly published studies found that GE corn (NK603) sprayed with Roundup has 117 proteins and 32 metabolites altered when compared to the controls...current food safety testing is not fit for purpose. There is a set of complex systems that are at risk of disruption and must be studied to evaluate safety," ...more

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New Zealand's GE Free success story saved in 2016 22/12/2016

New Zealand's export success has been underpinned by its GE Free status, but remains at risk from government policy to promote environmental release of GMO's in agriculture....more

Maori Party support of RMA Bill Threatens GE-Free Zones 23/11/2016

Minister Smith's legislation is using a false premise to strip regions of their rights and to get rid of New Zealand's GE Free status," ...more

International Monsanto Tribunal takes steps towards prosecution for ecocide 26/10/2016


This is a struggle not against one multinational corporation, it is a struggle for life, it is a struggle for liberty.   A struggle to stop big companies from colonising our food systems, colonising our agriculture, holding mother Earth as a slave for their profits ...more

MONSANTO TRIBUNAL - LIVE stream... Updates

GE Free crop zone from Auckland to Cape Reinga 23/09/2016

"Science and medicine are not threatened by regional policies for land use and branding. New Zealand has, for decades, allowed contained ethical use of gene technology," ...more

Native Tree Plan Shows Positive Face of Scion's Research 11/09/2016

"It is an exciting and valuable use of New Zealand research money, but should not be used as a bribe to allow commercialisation of Scion's GE projects, or to justify forestry being allowed to destabilise complex natural ecosystems" ...more

Call for Dr. Smith's resignation. 5/9/2016

"This serious breach of conduct transgresses his responsibilities as a minister. He is apparently unable to avoid his conflicts of interest around this issue. This terrible situation leads us to call for his resignation as a Minister of the Crown" ...more

Proposal to Stop Labelling of GM food would deny consumers basic right to know 23/08/2016

The vast majority of consumers want and expect labelling of GE ingredients, and demand the right to know"...more

'Superficial' EPA Report Ignores Effects From Herbicide Ingredients 16/08/2016


To consider just one ingredient - glyphosate - without also taking into account the synergistic effects of the adjuvants that make GBH such a powerful killer, constitutes a fundamental flaw in the EPA's report,"...more

Minister's Threat to Modify Democracy Is A Step Too Far 30/07/2016

"The Ministerial push for GE trees, along with the powers aimed at removing regional plans for GE Free zones, are an affront to democracy" ...more

Environmental Standards for Forestry put timber exports at risk 06/07/2016

The dangers to GE trees to NZ ecosystems, including soil organisms, plants, birds, and insects could be widespread, permanent, and economically damaging." ...more   

History of Failures Warrants Local Say on GMO's 20/06/2016

Whakamaru is a forgotten contaminated site that should be considered a biosecurity risk but the EPA has washed its hands of it. Worse is that the Minister for the Environment is refusing to allow local councils to put precautions around this type of activity, ...more  

FNDC, WDC Proposed District Plan change-Genetically Modified Organisms

MPI, Pork and Chicken Producers Urged to Halt GE-feed Imports 31/05/2016

The warning signs that GE crops and associated pesticides can cause serious deformities must not be ignored,...more

Daily Mail article 23/5/2016


GE Crop Report details problems and solutions 20/05/2016

The report includes important caveats, highlighting inadequate animal feeding studies and the need for more comprehensive systematic safety testing ...more  

NZ Dairy Exports vulnerable to unapproved GM animal feed 13/05/2016

GMO Free is a powerful way to differentiate New Zealand milk in the global market. GMO animal feed is characteristic of low-end commodity producers with which Fonterra is trying to compete in global auctions. ...more

Breach by EPA and AgResearch on GE Animal Experiments 27/4/2016

"AgResearch's failure to submit the required annual report by the 31 August 2015, is a blatant refusal to follow the mandated safety conditions that ensure oversight, transparency and accountability. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has also failed in its responsibility to ensure the reporting requirements on GE animal experiments have been met"...more

NZ Brands like Tegel worth more if they go GE Free and Organic 11/04/2016

Tegel was listed in the green section of the Greenpeace True Food Guide as avoiding GE ingredients. Though their chickens are not GM, they no longer guarantee to source feed that excludes GM crops and GM ingredients in feed. ...more

Farmers Need Protection Against Damaging Agribusiness 31/03/2016

The claims made by applicants to justify such GE crops have also proved deceptive and illusory...There are 118 million acres of resistant weeds threatening farmers incomes and the environment. An estimated one billion kgs of herbicide has been sprayed in the last ten years mostly to combat emerging weed resistance. ...more

Deceptive New Bill Creates Ministerial Dictatorship 06/03/2016

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will affect everyone. How our environment is protected, how local businesses protect their livelihoods, how we interact with our councils, how central government and corporate policies will affect our communities ...more

Farmers quit, feel betrayed by Federated Farmers leadership 17/02/2016

"The leadership direction is wrong headed. It is pushing farmers towards being the enemy of the consumer and a blight on exporters" ...more

Fed Farmers Misguided in Push For GMOs 10/02/2016

The push to remove local oversight is an attempt to destroy the idea of regional GE-free zones that most New Zealanders want to preserve. New Zealand producers and exporters should soundly reject any misguided efforts to force GE into the New Zealand agricultural sector...more.

Farmers challenge GE ruling in High Court

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Ministry Ignores Thousands of Public Submissions 24/12/2015

The Ministry's assessment of submissions are a farce. They have ignored and obliterated the thousands of submissions that called for the re-instatement of Council responsibility to rule on GE in their regions," ...more

What you can do, more information at!!The Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry!!



FSANZ approval dangerous as damaging Herbicide de registered 27/11/2015



The approval of potentially unsafe novel foods is a serious failure by FSANZ and they must be called to account...more

Regulators Are Ignoring Pesticide Additives that Damage Human Health 18/11/2015

NZ food authorities have failed to properly assess the safety of co-additives used with the pesticides in scores of GE pesticide-tolerant foods. The assessment regime is seriously flawed and that no testing is done on the cocktail formulation of chemicals as they are used in the final products...more

Protection of NZ's GE-Free Environment Requires Containment of GE Vaccine Experiment 02/11/2015


Trials of a new GE vaccine must be fully contained. The experiments must not be used as an excuse to weaken regulation of GE or to push through environmental release of other GMOs in New Zealand...more

TV3 The Nation - The 14-16 years on the NZ GE debate. (starting 36.40 to 53.12 of a 56 min)

Report Uncovers Dismal Record of GE Animal Experiments in New Zealand 23/10/2015

Using AgResearch's own records, the report catalogues a sad and profoundly disturbing story that has characterised the genetic engineering (GE) trials. The surrogate and transgenic cows suffer from chronic illness, reproductive losses, sudden unexplained deaths, and severe deformities...more

Morning Report; 23.10.2015

Guyon Espiner talks to Claire Bleakley about the report

AgResearch Dr. David Wells response to the report<


Download GE Animals in New Zealand: the first fifteen years, 2000-2015

NZ's Marketing Difference for Exports Jeopardised by TPPA 08/10/2015

By agreeing to the Trans Pacific Partnership's conditions to eliminate restrictive policies and to promote reforms limiting the timeframes allowed for restrictions on food exports, New Zealand could be pushed into compromising our zero tolerance for genetically engineered (GE) seeds for cultivation...more

A victory for bees 14/09/2015

The US Appeal court has cancelled the approval for the Dow Agrosciences chemical Sulfoxaflor, a neonicotinoid, as it is highly toxic to bees. We call on the EPA to follow the US directive and immediately remove all Sulfoxaflor neonicotinoids from use and cancel their registration...more

Campaigners want pesticide banned after US takes it off market

GMOs today cannot be part of a solution for a sustainable future! 08/09/2015

A debate on Genetic engineering (GE) was the final session that closed the 'Question it? Science Research week in Queenstown ...more

Ministry of Primary Industries must test for GE in shipments 27/08/2015

It is our understanding that the Government regulations require that all GE seed is de natured or turned into grits. If there are viable GE seeds in the shipment then human error cannot be blamed for spill that is already illegal ...more

MPI receives 16,000 submissions on NES-PF 3/08/2015

This is amazing it must be the largest opposition ever recorded on an issue open for submissions. The Ministry must now take these submissions seriously. ..more

Will GE Trees bring economic suicide? 26/07/2015

The introduction of GE trees into the agricultural landscape threatens our export markets and will send rural communities further into a spiralling debt crisis, affecting the whole of New Zealand,...more

National Environmental Standards - a National train wreck (07/07/2015)

The proposed NES-PF will leave already over stressed and under resourced Councils and ratepayers indebted to unsound and dangerous environmental degradation, because Scion wants to prohibit the Councils placing more stringent GE precautions in their plans. ...more    

Action Alert!!!


The Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry
For more information go to Submission and hui around the country

Addressing the Science? 03/07/2015



Denying the adverse effects of chemical and engineered foods on consumers and the environment could lead to a health crisis that is far greater than the thalidomide disaster on the babies of pregnant women. The thalidomide manufacturers and distributors also used the same denial rhetoric as today's agri-biotech companies. ...more

Hazardous changes to New Organisms Act. 15/06/2015

Changing the law will not make genetic engineering safe. It will only open the public up to a toxic chemical overload. Produce unsafe food, weed and pest resistance and lower yields"...more

Are cattle dying from a GE sweet beet? 08/06/2015

It appears that the market for hybrid fodder crops and imported supplementary animal feed has become a minefield of products laden with GE and toxic sprays, all unlabelled and subject to regulatory blindness, ...more

Sri Lanka bans Glyphosate 25/05/2015

We are shocked to find that in spite of the rising evidence of harm from glyphosate based formulations (which include Roundup), the MPI have chosen to discontinue glyphosate testing - human and animal health are paramount to the country and should never be sacrificed for cost...more

Communities have a right to say "No to GMO!"17/05/2015

The New Zealand economy relies on its agricultural purity, it is incredible that a farmers organisation should challenge the precautions placed in the plans by Councils, especially in light of the unfolding environmental and health dangers posed by genetically modified organisms....more

Strong Support for Clarification of GMO Council Jurisdiction 27/04/2015

It is extremely important for Regional Councils to have the power to implement precautionary measures to protect their communities economy by preserving the GE Zero tolerance policy regarding land uses" ...more

Do you want to make a submission? Here are some points to consider.
Please send submission to Wellington Regional Council's Long Term Plan -
Public submission period closes   Monday 20th April.
Email- info@gw.govt.nz with "Submission to Long Term Plan" in subject line

Increased Childhood Illnesses Linked To Exposure to Herbicides 25/03/2015

Our food could be the cause of much chronic illness and our growing dependence on medicines in an over stretched health system. We as parents need to take control of the food we eat and learn how we can affect change in our own lives, and those of our children," ...more

UN Pesticide Warning Adds To Risks for Fonterra and New Zealand Exports 22/03/2015

"Better alternatives to glyphosate are known and must be adopted quickly. It's time that industry, farmers and local government stopped deluding themselves with a blind assumption that glyphosate based herbicides are safe." ...more

Kiwis Join Global Vigil Against GE trees 2/3/2015

New Zealanders are supporting an international vigil against release of GE trees at 12.45 on Tuesday 3rd March at 10 Brandon Street, Wellington. These are the very trees that independent scientists warn could de-stabalise the environment by impacting soil bacteria, fungi, birds and insects that are part of complex ecosystems." ...more

Forests At Risk from Secret Trade Deal and GE Trees Partnerships31/01/2015

"The US EPA has given permission for ArborGen to plant these trees 'under the radar'," said Jon Carapiet, national spokesman for GE-Free NZ. "There is a fear that investor protections in the TPP could see ArborGen demand the right to do something similar here or to demand compensation if they are prevented." ...more

Studies Show New Zealand Farmers Ahead of the Game 11/01/2015

Farmers are deserting GE crops for non-GE varieties or different non-GE grains like millet. The shift away is due to reasons of high cost, poor performance, growing weed resistance and the development of resistance in insect pests. 'New Zealand farmers have kept their fields free of GE crops and are now seeing the benefits of staying with traditional non-GMO plant hybrids, ...more


Register NOW!!

Food Matter Aotearoa Conference 14/15 February 2015 Te Papa Wellington.

GE Free with Food Matter Aotearoa welcomes overseas speakers including Dr. Vandana Shiva, Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini, and Prof. Don Huber.


Celebrate the year of 2014

NZ is still GE Free in its farming environment!

Have a happy Organic, pesticide free, locally grown GE Free Christmas.

Beware processed foods and meat products containing high fructose corn syrup, soy isolates, in flours, oils and sugars as most are derived from GE corn, canola and soy varieties these are showing harm to health

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Flawed Corporate Culture Undermines Food Safety 12/12/2014

"If Fonterra and other companies want our export economy to thrive by meeting consumer demand for safe products, we must secure the integrity of the whole supply chain."...more

US Warning against GMO threat 26/11/2014

"New Zealand must heed warnings about problems caused by GE crops in the US, and restore the moratorium on commercial release of GMOs. This is a wake up call to the international community which New Zealand producers must hear," said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-free NZ...more

Government Freeze On Toxic Biotech Crops Urgently Needed 12/11/2014

Current evidence shows that we are poisoning our children from conception. In some areas deformities are now commonplace. It is not ethical for us to be supporting the farming of biotech death crops...The independent studies and farmers' reports that show harm have been ignored or denigrated by the FSANZ officials. ..more

"Freeze" Petition hearing at Primary Production Select Committee, Radio NZ Benedict Collins, 6/11/2014

Trade Deal Threatens Farmers and Food Businesses 29/10/2014

This is a direct threat to the freedoms and sovereignty of all farmers. It will destroy the competitive point of difference that helps New Zealand exporters thrive. The TPPA looks like being the ultimate betrayal of New Zealand farmers and food exporters to overseas corporate interests," ...more

Evidence Supports GE Moratorium, Not FedFarmers Push for GE-food 21/10/2014

Our GE-Free status is a huge benefit to farmers and exporters and is a powerful marketing point of difference which consumers take as a signal of food safety. GE-free adds value and is a key part of lifting New Zealand products above commodity-status, which Fonterra and other food exporters are seeking" said Jon Carapiet. ...more



Dr. Vandana Shiva, Prof: Seralini and Prof: Huber will be discussing:-   agroecology, organic, chemical and GMO agricultural systems. Be involved in building a thriving economy guaranteeing safe nutritional food production. Register now!

GE Free NZ fully supports Food Matters Aotearoa

World Food Day promotes Agroecology not GE technology 16/10/2014

Traditional farming and seed saving methods are still being practiced by 70% of the world's family farmers. However, increasingly seeds are becoming a trade commodity manipulated by Corporate patents for control of the food economy. Access to safe, nourishing food is a basic human right," said Claire Bleakley "How we grow our food and maintain a sustainable and vibrant agricultural economy must ensure the rights of farmers to grow safe food without the restrictions of corporate seed control" ...more

Questions Raised Over Cow Deaths 15/09/2014

Is there a relationship between the seed saved from the failed GE brassica lines and the development of this new toxic HT line now being sold? said Claire Bleakley president of GE Free NZ. "Animals are the mainstay of the New Zealand economy. The animal grazing pastures should not be left to be decided by agrochemical companies who have little interest in animal health and benefit from the use of large amounts of toxic chemicals." ...more

Fonterra China Deal Demands Safe Supply Chain 29/08/2014

Infants are the most vulnerable to toxic effects of pesticides and GE foods. When going offshore to supply China's infant milk Fonterra must ensure that their supply chain is safe, pure and free of any toxicity." ...more

Dairy farmers and consumers at risk from unapproved DDG GE Grain 26/08/2014

Consumers are angry at the way the MPI are turning a blind eye to the deleterious effects of imported pesticide-laden GE animal foods ...more

The Ecologist report on Argentina

China Conference Highlights Food Safety and Sustainable Agriculture 15/08/2014

The government, agricultural producers and exporters must heed the rising rejection of GE foods in markets such as China, and support New Zealand's current GE-Free status by investing in agro-ecological, sustainable methods that support a safe food system ...more

Loss of AgResearch Scientists is Detrimental For Farmers 22/07/2014

Allowing the loss of this scientific expertise is short-sighted, and shows AgResearch is failing to focus on science that suits New Zealand's unique positioning as a producer of safe, clean, GE-free food that sets the standard for quality ...more

Leader's Vision Is a Threat to Farmers' Future 08/07/2014

"The report says New Zealand's best option is to restore a moratorium on environmental release of GMOs. Federated Farmers should heed that advice if it really has the interests of the farming community at heart." ...more

Rat Study Shows Consumers At Risk 24/06/2014

With the new publication of the findings of liver and kidney toxicity and early tumour development, it is unethical to ignore the warning signs," said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-Free NZ ...more

Handful of GE Farmers Could Destroy NZ Agricultural Choices 29/05/2014

New Zealand's reputation as a producer of safe, clean food will be destroyed by a handful of farmers deciding to use GE crops. Disputes between farmers over liability for lost exports have become an urgent concern following the court case between organic farmer Steve Marsh and his neighbour. The decision has caused shock waves around the World as it highlights the inability of non GE and GE crops to co-exist and the lack of redress and severe loss of livelihood that GE crops can cause to the polluted ...more

Radio NZ coverage Rural News 30th May 2014 (starts 3.11)

EPA Failure Still Leaves Exporters In Firing Line 23/05/2014

"The High Court found the EPA was wrong, but the case suggests real risks to the future of New Zealand from a cavalier attitude within the EPA and from some sectors of industry seeking to destroy the integrity of the legislation. The preservation of New Zealand's biosecurity and existing valuable GE-free status must be at the heart of decision-making ...more


Rally for Seed Freedom - Freedom to grow and eat GE FREE Food (MAM)

Saturday 24 May 12pm - 2pm Cuba Mall, Bucket Fountain, Wellington,

Ag-Chemicals Implicated in Rise of Disease 15/05/2014

The findings have implications for 82 genetically engineered foods approved into the New Zealand food chain. All these are tolerant to one or more herbicides named in the latest study by Schinasi and Leon (2014) as being linked to cancers. [1] Yet officials have acknowledged that these foods are not assessed by FSANZ for pesticide effects, and that only the novel DNA is considered in safety assessments ...more

Risks of Pesticide Induced Cancer Must Not Be Ignored By Advisory Council 04/05/2014

There is official disinterest to look deeper into health effects that GMO's cause and it appears that the authorities are deliberately ignoring information. The new Advisory Council must serve to protect the integrity of the food system for people wanting clean, safe food, ...more

Federated Farmers Leaders' Agenda Put Exports at Risk 15/04/2014

"This agenda to push GE into New Zealand is a threat to our unique reputation for clean, safe, world-class quality food," said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-free NZ ...more

Myths Revealed About Safety of Genetically Engineered Food 03/04/2014

Though the debate left many statements unchallenged, there was general surprise that common assumptions that GE foods are safe are not based on published data...there are no human studies." or diagnostic tools for monitoring public health impacts of GE food ...more

Industry Trying to Use TPPA to Stop Labelling of GM Food 26/03/2014

A submission by Bio: Biotechnology Industry Organisations to the US trade negotiator at the TPP shows the push to shut down labelling of GM food  "The effect is to deny consumers the right to know whether a product is GM or not, and to muzzle government regulators," said Jon Carapiet...more

BIO: Biotechnology Industry Organisations

NZ Courts Disaster With GE Fodder Crops While Existing Solutions Ignored by AgResearch 20/03/2014

The announcement by AgResearch that they are seeking in the near future to field test GE fodder crops that will contain high levels of "blockbuster" traits, is short sighted and poses a threat to farmers and exporters. ...more

Approval of GE Crops Has descended Into a Farce 15/03/2014

New Zealand's and Australia's approval process for new GE foods has descended into a farce. Crops that are not even authorised to be grown overseas are getting rubber-stamped as safe ...more

Lack of Responsible Oversight Puts Everyone at Risk 23/02/2014

By approving pesticide-reliant GE foods without safety studies how can they assure consumers that it is safe to eat? These bodies are being derelict in their duty of care to protect public health. They are in essence deliberately endangering consumers by forcing them to eat unsafe, unlabelled GE food. ...more

Former USDA Official Warns Farmers Against GE Contamination 20/02/2014

It is an endorsement to defend the integrity of the New Zealand supply chain, just as forward thinking Councils in New Zealand are doing by adopting the precautionary approach toward genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their plans.This precaution is supported by USDA experts who now admit that GM-free production will be made impossible and that co-existence is just a myth. We have a global advantage in New Zealand GE-free status which we must protect. ...more

Backing for Local Right of Protection Against Risks of GMOs (10/02/2014)

The Environment Court decision recently released has upheld the right for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, in its Regional Policy statement, to place wording for a precautionary approach to be taken on the growing of genetically modified (GMO) crops in the region. ...more

Put Food Safety First': Food Minister must reject "The Suicide Chemical GE soybean 16/01/2014

"The Minister must reject the proposal by FSANZ to allow this GE product," said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-free NZ in food and environment. "The FSANZ report is irresponsible in its positive view of this next generation of GMOs. The Minister must not be lulled into believing the product has been proven safe when it has not." ....more

Prime Minister Urged to Meet Mayor of Hawaii to Learn About GM Ban 06/01/2014

New Zealand's reputation for safe, natural food is hugely important. It will serve New Zealand well for John Key to speak with the Mayor of Hawaii, even if it takes him away from the golf course for a couple of hours, said Jon Carapiet ...more

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Speaker Brings Global Perspective on GE 15/12/2013

It is exciting to be welcoming a speaker of Mr. Smith's calibre to New Zealand. The overwhelming evidence of risks associated with GE processes, and growing and eating of GM food will be clearly examined. So too will the solutions, that are important in showing the way forward, for sustainably meeting the needs of future generations through agriculture." ...more

Jeffrey Smith is only in New Zealand for two talks. The first in Wellington on the 17 December at St Andrews on the Terrace - contact Jon Muller 04 4774744. On the 18th he will speak at The Free House, Collingwood in Nelson-contact Susie Lees 03 543 2341.

Public Support GE-Free Zones as Scientists Debate Safety of GMOs 02/12/2013

There is strong public support for protecting GE-free production in New Zealand, as scientists debate the growing evidence of safety risks from GE ...more

Precaution Vital to Prevent GE Contamination 26/11/2013

The importance of protecting existing agricultural practices is at the heart of a groundbreaking case being heard in the Environment Court, involving the community of the Bay of Plenty (BOP) and the Crown Research Institute (CRI) Government Organisation Scion. ..more

Dairy Farmers Can Future-proof with Mixed Forage plants 4/11/2013

Farmers should be wary of promises of a 'magic bullet' made by Crown Research Institutes seeking funding for developing genetically engineered (GE) forage pastures. Instead New Zealand farmers can benefit right now thanks to research funded by Dairy NZ. "The research found that the mixed forage crops improved resilience to drought, lowered greenhouse gas emissions, and improved production in dairying", said Jon Carapiet ...more

NZ's Achilles Heel: Scientists Warn of Harm from GE Food 26/10/2013

The expert group dismisses claims by industry that GE foods are proven safe. "It is extremely important that the regulators and local authorities are able to protect communities from the rising evidence of harm from any use of GE in the diet, especially the rising toxic levels of pesticides in GE foods". ...more

New Zealand under scrutiny on WORLD FOOD DAY 16/10/2013

New Zealand must preserve its GE Free food productions systems that do not suffer from these micronutrient deficiencies and will support better health, fewer child deaths and an increased future potential ...more

March for Seed Freedom- Wellington photos 12/10/2013

Seed Security Vital for New Zealand 04/10/2013

Securing New Zealand's production of seed and access to imported seed, should be a national priority but the Government must develop a long term strategy. To draw attention to the issue and to mark global Freedom Seed and Safe Food month, night guerrilla gardens have sprung up overnight in disused plots as a celebration of 'open source' seed developed by communities over millennia ...more

GE foods toxicity create major disturbance to health 27/09/2013

Claire Bleakley, President of GE Free NZ spoke to Parliament's Regulatory Review committee raising concerns around public health of 2,4-D soybean. The Committee was excellent and gave our presentation the time needed, which we thank them for. ...more

Regulatory Review Committee Hearing-Appeal to review A1073, Herbicide Resistant Soybean (2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate ammonium) Date:26 September, Time: 8.30- 9.30am

End Of The Line For Food Sovereignty? 24/09/2013

This will be the end of the line in trying to establish just how much sovereignty over food matters New Zealand can still claim," said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE Free NZ. ..more

Institute Backs New Zealand Moratorium on GM release 18/09/2013

The McGuiness Institute report is a warning to producers, exporters and government that New Zealand must not be denied the advantages to our future economy of our GM-free food production system. "A decade of GM crops in the US is an unfolding disaster, and New Zealand has been fortunate to avoid the problems of GMOs overseas," said Jon Carapiet ...more

Appeal For Safety Tests of New GE Food 9/9/2013

GE Free NZ in Food and Environment has been advised that an appeal lodged with the Regulatory Review committee has been accepted. The appeal is against the approval of a new GE food resistant to three toxic chemicals of which one (2,4-D) has been recently banned in Australia. ...more

NZ Inc at Risk from TPP deal on GMO 03/09/2013

Producers in New Zealand are facing a loss of control over what they grow because of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), [1] that will restrict the ability for New Zealand to set our own laws around safe food, water and environmental standards. ...more

Auckland Council GMO

Please ask Councillors to support the precautionary principle now!!!

Fonterra at Risk from GM Rye-grass 12/08/2013

"The future of Fonterra's safety reputation is directly under threat from use of GE animal feed that has never been subjected to proper safety-testing or monitoring, and from an agenda to ignore natural solutions and push experimental GE ryegrass." said Jon Carapiet ...more

Gaping Hole Created by Change to RMA, Weakening Governance and Democracy 11/08/2013

"The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) jurisdiction is only for the experimentation of plants and animals. Once released the burden of problems arising from commercialised GMOs that have 'gone wrong' will fall to the very communities about to be disenfranchised by changes to the RMA," said Jon Carapiet. ..more

Concern for GE Animals in AgResearch Restructure 2/8/2013

There are concerns that plans by AgResearch for downsizing and consolidation of their business into two hubs will leave experimental GE animals in limbo, or see them shipped to other locations thereby putting more rural land at risk of contamination. AgResearch's Ruakura site has been the location of a series of failed transgenic animal experiments on cows and goats ...more

Scientists Back GE Moratorium In India and New Zealand (31/07/2013)

The Supreme Court's Technical Expert Panel of scientists from top public research laboratories and academic institutions found major gaps in their regulatory system that have been the subject of warnings in submissions by New Zealand scientists. ...more

'Astonishing' Rejection of Science By Food Safety Minister (22/07/2013)

Responding to a request under the Official Information Act, Minister Nicky Kaye failed to provide any evidence of safety when approving the new GE food that contains high levels of 2,4-D. "FSANZ, MPI, the Minister and the Science Media Centre seem to be engaged in a deliberate effort to undermine scientific rigour... then ignore inconvenient and concerning evidence that should force them to review their past practice." said Jon Carapiet ...more

China Warning for New Zealand on GE food (18/07/2013)

"The food we grow and eat should sustain and enhance our health, today and in future generations.   For this to happen New Zealand must avoid the threat from monocultures, GE contamination, and corruption of government policy and move to sustainable, climate-smart, low pesticide resilient farming methods based on ecological systems-thinking" ...more

Councils Threatened by Central Government Must Not Cave In (03/07/2013)

Councils must keep faith with their communities and resist central government bullying tactics, especially as central government has refused to hold GMO-users liable, so exposing ratepayers to potential costs. "Cross-pollination, lack of segregation, and accidental spillage are all common problems that have plagued countries where GE has been released, this has caused widespread disputes between farmers" ...more

NZ Exports and Regional Development Face Destruction If Minister Changes GMO Rules 27/06/2013

GE-Free New Zealand members, many communities and growers around the country are alarmed over the Environment Minister Amy Adams plans to remove any capacity for Councils and communities to safeguard their region. ..more

Food Safety Minister to table 'GE Freeze" Petition. (23/06/2013)

Food Safety Minister has confirmed that she will table in the House a 1700 signature petition asking her to "Freeze all new GE applications and review existing ones". A 3000 + signature petition out lining the same concerns will also be tabled in the Australian Parliament this week. Minister receives 1000+ signature petition to review GE foods. 06/06/2013

We asked the Minister to table a 1000 + signature petition in parliament on our behalf, she intends to make a decision by 11th June. The petition asks the Minister to: -
Freeze all new applications for GE foods while the FSANZ safety assessment regime is aligned with the European Food Safety Authority guidelines on GE; and past approvals are reassessed.
2. Enforcement and full labelling of all foods made using GE techniques including processed products such as: vegetable oils, starches, sugars, and meat, milk and eggs from animals fed GE feed.
,3. Removal of exemptions from GE labelling requirements in Food Standard 1.5.2 so any trace of a GE organism in a foodstuff, stock feed or seed must be fully and clearly labelled as GE in origin

US Wheat imports must be tested for unapproved GE contamination. 30/05/2013

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) and all importers of wheat products from the USA must act upon the report that unapproved experimental herbicide resistant GE wheat has been found in Oregon fields.[1] An immediate embargo must be placed on all wheat imports from the US and sent for testing and destroyed if any unauthorised GE presence is found. Japanese authorities have canceled a US wheat order, other major wheat importers South Korea, China and the Philippines are also monitoring the situation...more

New Zealand Marchers Don't want GMOs. 27/05/2013

Two thousand people in the 14 cities over New Zealand showed yesterday what they thought of GE. This march brought out the anger against GE. Many people feel the regulators and governments are approving GE foods without any safety testing and treating their citizens as guinea pigs, said Claire Bleakley, president of GE Free NZ ...more

TV News -


Wellington March Against Monsanto

Auckland March Against Monsanto

Christchurch March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto Seattle

March Against Monsanto Oslo Norway.

New Zealand a GE Free Nation - Keep GE seeds out. 23/05/2013

The Wellington organised march ,May 25th 3pm, promises to make an impact. There are 14 cities all over New Zealand and up to 427 cities in 52 Countries around the World participating in the "March against Monsanto". The March against Monsanto has been triggered by the suffocating tentacles that large transgenic biotech corporations, like Monsanto, have over every level of the food supply from the laboratory created corporate patented GE seed in the fields to the plate of consumers. ...more

MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO, 25th May. - Wellington, Auckland, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Gisbourne, Rotorua Nelson, Christchurch, Whangarei and New Plymouth. For more info on your town time, place and contact go to the facebook site.

Anger against the 'deafness' and 'conflict of interest' of GE food regulators" 16/05/2013

We believe that FSANZ assessors have been unduly influenced by Industry opinions instead of human safety obligations and are in direct breach of their mandate to protect public health"....more

GE plants a major source of formaldehyde exposure? 23/04/2013

"GE plants are chemical factories that manufacture toxins. Add the harmful effects of formaldehyde and the high herbicide residues and it compounds the toxicity making these plants highly unsafe to eat," said Mrs. Bleakley ...more

Concern Raised on Impact of GE in Formula. 19/04/2013

It is time that questions about the possible effects of GE ingredients in infant formula are answered by food safety officials.   "Without any feeding studies or diagnostic tools to detect GE soy proteins, health professionals have no ability to rule out GE foods as a main factor in illness." ...more

Action Templates - Make a submission on the Auckland Unitary Plan by 31st May... see here

Scientists Warn on GE Food Safety Protocol 26/03/2013

The Minister and FSANZ must take these incidents seriously and listen to the scientific warnings. The food chain faces the threat of chemicals that are banned in other countries and that are dangerous. 2,4-D and Atrazine type sprays will become a lethal part of breakfast, lunch and dinner," ...more

Time To End Subsidy for GE Self-Sabotage 19/03/2013

It is unacceptable that major 'commercial' risks are being underwritten by the public under the HSNO Act. Universities and Crown Research Institutes get the financial benefits of contracts based on socialising the risks of GMOs and externalising costs."The current support for risk-taking seriously threatens our economy including exporters like Fonterra and Zespri, not to mention the bees." ...more

Food Safety Regulations Under Scrutiny 18/03/2013

This is an interesting position to be in as our Food Safety Authority has recommended that the soy be approved for the food chain without any trials being conducted to ensure that it is safe," said Claire Bleakley, president of GE-Free NZ in food and environment. "If this food is found to have risks when tested for the EU what will it mean for the credibility of the FSANZ scientific process as without any feeding data it is only industry and FSANZ assessors' opinions that are being considered, not scientific findings." ...more

Definition of 'Milk' Must Not be Changed Under FDA / TPP Agreements 14/03/2013

"The public need a commitment that any deals made under the TPPA and the recent FDA food safety agreement will not undermine New Zealand laws requiring GM labelling, and will not allow artificial sweeteners to be added in secret." said Jon Carapiet ...more

Deal with Federated Farmers Opens Way for GMOs in Hauraki Gulf Marine Park   26/02/2013

"Now the decision has been made, and the outcome is a betrayal. By following the direction of officers the Hearings committee has worked counter to the community interest." ...more

URGENT Action, please make a submission go to the Action templates at - Auckland Submission

Auckland Council Slammed Over Consultation on GMOs 20/02/2013

Auckland Council has been slammed for not consulting with Maori on draft proposals to prohibit GMO release, even though representatives from the Independent Statutory Maori Board refused to propose a motion for consultation to take place. ...more

World First' approval of 2-4-D Food Crops Based on Flawed Science 17/02/2013

The Minister must be warned that she lacks vital information to justify any approval of this new level of chemical toxicity in the food chain. The public also has the right to know what they will be eating ...more

Unelected Officers Hold undue sway over Auckland Council 13/02/201)

Senior officers at Auckland Council have undue sway on information and processes that weakens local democracy and impacts the access councillors have to key documents.

"The Section 32 analysis is a Council report. Yet officers have failed to properly brief their own staff or elected representatives about councils' 8-year consultation and best-practice plans process..." says Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-free NZ in food and environment ...more

Auckland Council Vote is Vital Test for Local Democracy 10/02/2013

"This process is the ultimate vitality-test to see how well democracy has survived the disestablishment of legacy councils and the creation of a super city, Aucklanders will not accept an issue of such significance being swept under the carpet." said Jon Carapiet. ...more

Councils Must Learn Lessons of Leaky Buildings and Control GMOs 5/3/2013

"The impact of sabotage with melanine and recent DCD contamination in New Zealand milk gives insight on the economic threat to all regions from GMOs," says Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE Free NZ in food and environment. "There are good reasons why the public cannot have confidence in safety standards and regulation driven by industry and central government."...more

New Minister Urged to Intervene After Viral Gene Found in GE crops 23/01/2013

It is no good relying on industry studies: science must be unbiased and on the side of the public health. Those who are assessing GE food must be trained on the complex risks of GE/transgenic food and must stop dismissing all studies that go against the data supplied by industry," said Claire Bleakley. "We need the new Minster to intervene and stop standing on the sidelines while the integrity of New Zealand's food system is steadily undermined."...more.

Ministry Passes Buck to Disputes Committee On GE Food 13/01/2013

The responses allows the Ministry to sidestep issues raised by GE Free NZ and four other Australian groups in a joint submission made to the Food Standards (FSANZ) Authority concerning the absence of any evidence on the safety of Dow Agrochemical's multi-herbicide (2,4-D, Glyphosate, Glufosinate) tolerant GE soybean [1] for entry into the food chain. ...more

Approval of GE Salmon is a Concern for New Zealand 10/01/2013

The FDA decision has caused alarm in the United States because the GE fish could be sold without any safety testing and would not be labelled, leaving consumers 'none the wiser'.
GE-Free NZ (in food and environment) has written an urgent request for information to Kate Wilkinson - Minister for food safety, seeking guarantees that the New Zealand government will require feeding trials be conducted to prove food safety before the GE salmon can be considered for sale here. ...more

Ideas for Holiday eating go to www.gefreepolicy.com a great place to find food companies committed to a GE Free food chain.

Organically certified foods are guaranteed to be GE Free.

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New Zealand Food Safety Undermined by Secret Deal with FDA 18/12/2012

This deal is a dangerous and unprecedented move. It opens up New Zealand's biosecurity to increased risks, which is the price to pay for delivering what the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) calls a reduction in regulatory burden for foods traded between the countries, said Jon Carapiet ...more

Seed Discovery Makes Increased Biosecurity and Scrutiny of Feed Vital 11/12/2012

We share the concern about the risk of any viable weed seeds entering the country, regardless of the GE content. However, over and above the biosecurity concern is the issue of brand integrity and safe food reputation," says Jon Carapiet ...more

Trade Stance Threatens Farmers With Cost of Bio-security Insurance (26/11/2012)

"The argument that farmers must pay the costs of protection against GM contamination could be extended to other costs vital to maintain the integrity of the food system." said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-FreeNZ in food and environment. ...more

Public Demand Authorities "Stop the Clock" on GE soybean toxic cocktail (22/11/2012)

"The clock must be stopped on this application until proper studies have been done. This food has never been tested, but other feeding studies on animals have shown the potential for serious organ and reproductive problems and a high incidence of death.   If these results were extrapolated to humans our young adults would be developing liver and kidney cancers and reproductive problems in their early twenties, said Claire Bleakley, president of GE Free NZ ...more

Submission on A1073 GE Free NZ submission and examples.

Obama's Legacy - The Right to Know What's In Food 8/11/2012

The re-election of President Obama provides a second chance for him to deliver on his past promises to label GE foods. He must restore safety and integrity to the whole US food chain...more

Vote in California Will Impact TPPA Trade Deal 06/11/2012

Proposals to label GM food being voted on in California alongside the presidential elections, could determine the fate of international negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). ...more

Scientists Fight Over GE Moratorium in India 05/11/2012

The Interim Report unanimously presented its view that all field trials should be stopped in India until:

 · biosafety tests are conducted before any field trial, including sub-chronic toxicity in small animals
 · qualified scientists fully evaluate biosafety data of previous and new GM crops
 · serious conflicts of interest at the regulators are addressed, and specific sites and monitoring of trials are established. ...more

Loss of Value For Fonterra From Imported GE feed 4/11/2012

"Action is needed to stop the entry of GMOs into the wider New Zealand agricultural environment through animal feed," says Jon Carapiet,spokesman for GE-free NZ in food and environment. "Securing a local and international supply of animal feed that is non-GM is vital to keep food safety as a foundation for New Zealand exports." ...more

Public Become Lab Rats in FSANZ Cocktail Approval 31/10/2012

The lack of any animal feeding studies on a GE soybean designed to survive spraying with a cocktail of herbicides, will leave the public no better than lab rats unless the approval is immediately stopped.
"FSANZ is deliberately misleading the public by pretending they have assessed safety data that doesn't even exist." said Claire Bleakley ...more

FSANZ Authority Begins Approval of New Generation '2,4-D Soy' 26/10/2012

FSANZ's approval system is not fit for purpose. Until officials adopt the necessary testing and safety standards they should not be accepting this or similar applications," says Jon Carapiet more...

Fonterra And Federated Farmers Owe it to New Zealand to Reject GE-feed 18/10/2012

The lack of transparency by large importers like Monsanto/ Cargill has placed farmers in an extremely compromised situation. For New Zealand to sell its produce to the world we need businesses to act with authenticity and protect our GE Free status," says Jon Carapiet. 'Those involved have cast doubt on our global reputation for food safety. Doubt is exactly what you don't want when it comes to building New Zealand's position in the world market. ...more

World Food Day Report here: FED UP with FSANZ* -allowing GM in our food - unlabelled, unethical, unwanted.

*Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Almost all processed foods contain GM (GE) ingredients but shoppers are in the dark as most GM-derived ingredients escape labelling,  
The report, which details numerous tests raising health concerns while our food regulator FSANZ continues to let GM foods into Australia and New Zealand, will be launched to mark World Food Day   in Melbourne, Perth and Wellington.
It is unethical and unscientific for FSANZ to continue assuming GM is safe on the basis of patchy data provided by the GM companies themselves. Regulators appear to have a double standard of accepting GM company science without comment but fiercely attacking independent science that is published in peer-reviewed journals, whenever it contradicts their pre-conceived view of safety.
The MADGE Report:Fed Up with FSANZ is being launched in Australia in Melbourne, Perth and in Wellington, New Zealand.

World Food Day - Call for Accountability 16th of October 16/10/2012

12pm meeting at the Ministry of Primary Industries 25 The Terrace moving to FSANZ offices 154 Featherston Street and to Parliament.

"We spend our lives trying to avoid foods that will cause us harm, and government has a duty to ensure this remains possible...with the advent of GE foods this right has been taken away, with contamination being forced onto conventional and organic producers everywhere." ...more

Increased Sprays On GE Crops Threaten The Health of New Zealanders 8/10/2012

"...consumer health is being put at risk from increased exposure to toxic chemicals in imported food as our food regulators authorise food sprayed with 2,4-D," said Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-Free NZ in food and environment. "Human health is now the collateral damage in an unsustainable war against superweeds." ...more

BLG lacking cows frightening development not a breakthrough 02/10/2012

This is a frightening development not a breakthrough. Researchers that stoop so low as to manipulate the Mauri of an animal causing suffering, then pretend that this is a significant breakthrough when we already have business using technology to remove BLG, are inhumane". said Claire Bleakley ...more

Authorities Slow to Recall GE Maize Linked to Tumours 30/09/2012

The latest information from South Africa says that the GE maize comprises up to 40% of the maize grown in the country. GE-Free NZ has been trying to find out for two years what is in the South African maize-meal and breakfast cereal imported by Zebra Zoo and sold at Countdown and South African shops ....more

Animal Tumours Demand FSANZ Follows Science not Opinion 24/09/12

FSANZ assessors have shown that they are highly conflicted. Their subjective opinions not objectivity, drive their approach to science and they are not open to considering the dangers of GE foods...The Board of FSANZ should resign in light of their repeated failure to consider public health that might arise from the results of Seralini's long-term scientific feeding studies, dramatically improve their regulation and immediately recall all GE RoundUp Ready resistant foods. ..more

These results are horrific and suggest there has either been a cover up or criminal negligence - probably both - on the part of GE seed companies and the Trans Tasman Food Standards Authority meant to protect public health," said Claire Bleakley president of GE-Free NZ ...more

New Zealand Scientist Leads Scrutiny of Novel Food Risks 17/09/2012

Professor Jack Heinemann and Associate Professor Judy Carman, released an expert report evaluating the risks associated with the use of RNA molecules in genetically engineered wheat.
"Wheat is a staple food. Many families are 'Wheat- bix" families and may be exposed to wheat products in everyday meals from sandwiches to pasta," say's Claire Bleakley. ...more

Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability 13/09/2012

GE Free NZ and Bay of Plenty ratepayers have received notice of an appeal to the Environment Court, lodged by Crown Research Institute (CRI), Scion. This appeal contests the Environment Bay of Plenty Regional council's (BOPRC) "Precautionary approach" to GE release and field trialling in the region. ..more

'Find Ethical Path' Biotech Delegates Urged: "Don't be Evil" 1/09/2012

Delegates to AgBio 2012 in Rotorua are being urged to reject the extremes of commercialised science and navigate the middle path for non-GE biotechnology in New Zealand.
Contrary to claims made by companies pushing their GE products, there are alternatives already identified that can double food production in the developing world. ...more

Otago Uni. Genetics Lecture Outdated and Unfair 30/08/2012

"John Knight seems to be out of his depth and to have been seduced into a false understanding of GE. His findings were unable to differentiate between natural selection of plant breeding and laboratory transgenics (GE) of plants," says Claire Bleakley. ...more

Farmers Face Dire Reality As GE Crops Backfire 28/08/2012

"Staple foods have become chemical factories and store houses; farmers are not benefiting, consumers are not buying if they can avoid doing so, and consumer health is at risk of compromise by increased exposure to these toxins," says Claire Bleakley, president of GE-Free NZ in food and environment Monsanto, Syngenta, Du Pont, and Dow are all now big players with a history. Monsanto brought us Thalidomide, DDT, PCB's and 2,4,5T, of which 2,4-D makes up 40%. Their need to feed their bottom line has become an unprecedented threat to human health and the environment. ...more

Otago University Genetics Lecture 'Outdated' and Likely to Mislead 26/08/2012

These basic assumptions are now highly doubtful, which means the data is unreliable and could likely mislead decision-makers,...The research is also totally blind to Brand marketing: promoting New Zealand products as GE-free and meeting the highest organic standards for purity in the world, both of which fit our values and clean green image...more

  AgBio Conference Guests Fight Amongst Themselves 20/08/2012

It is an embarrassment that keynote speakers at an upcoming AgBio conference in Rotorua are from companies facing criminal charges and which are already embroiled in a bitter war with each other as well as against natural ecosystems...more

Māori Must Demand Moderation, Not Extreme Science from Agbio Leaders 15/08/2012

Maori have long held values around food that are shared by people around the world. The AgBio conference in Rotorua must be told to reject unethical and extreme uses of gene science that are already occurring, and to protect the choice for organic and GE-free production for future generations...[and] be told to listen to consumers and farmers and not force acceptance of GE crops and agriculture onto Maori," says Jon Carapiet...more

GE Free NZ AGM, 12.00-2.00 pm, 9th September 2012, Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington, Everyone Welcome.

Rise in Pesticide Use in GE Food Must Not Be Ignored 4/8/2012

The risks of increasing levels of pesticides in imported food produced with genetic engineering (GE) technology cannot be ignored, after one study found pesticide use had trebled since 2005.
The health system is struggling with a significant rise in irritable bowel syndrome, digestive aliments, new and unknown 'viruses' and unexplained illnesses. There is potential that a change to a healthy diet free of GE-ingredients, and foods that are grown in New Zealand can help reduce illness. ...more

Warning for Farmers Against GE Crops 26/07/2012

"It is time that scientists and chemical companies realized that farmers are essential for keeping the food chain healthy by using sustainable production methods that serve future generations. This means production that is free of herbicide and insecticide- laden GMO foods that cause serious endocrine effects." ...more

Farmers GE Awareness Tour

Julie Newman and Bob Mackley, the two speakers in this GE tour have experienced first-hand the effects that the release of GE crops have had on their communities and businesses. They will cover the issues of liability and co-existence for organic and non-GM farmers

DATE PLACE 2 August --- Dunedin 3 August -- Ashburton

4 August --- Lincoln (North Canterbury), Kaikoura 5 August -- Blenheim, Nelson
6 August --Wellington 7 August --Palmerston North, Clive (Hawkes Bay) 8 August -- Tauranga (Bay of Plenty) 9 August -- Hamilton (Waikato) 10 August -- West Auckland, North Shore (Auckland), CBD (Auckland) 11 August --Northland ...more

Stagg's Chili Holds GE Surprise for Customers 18/07/2012

It is not known which type of GE corn is being used, and there is no official monitoring to require it be listed on the label," says Jon Carapiet from GE Free NZ in food and environment. ...more

Higher Levels of Toxins in GE Foods 13/07/2012

Consumers are being left in the dark about increasing levels of pesticides used in GE foods, as authorities quietly rubber-stamp an even wider range of chemical tolerant GE foods for entry into the food chain. "This is damning evidence of the increasing levels of pesticidal toxicity in the food supply" ...more

EPA Hears GE Promise But Not All The Facts 22/06/2012<>/strong

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held its first hearing on GE to consider a plan to leave company managers overseeing their own biosecurity compliance, but the applicants are irresponsible in not mentioning serious breaches of biosecurity that have happened before. ..more

GE Scientists Warn Against risks of GE Food 19/06/2012

UK scientists who are themselves genetic engineers, have publisheda review of researchinto GMOs and warned against believing claims made for their benefits and safety.The warning comes just days after it was revealed that biotechnology company Syngenta had deliberately hidden the death of animals that had been fed one of its GE products. ...more

Ombudsmen help sought on Trans Tasman jurisdiction 6/6/2012

This is extraordinary, as the New Zealand public has no ability to challenge or have a voice in long-term decisions made on their behalf by Australia. The Tribunal decision implies New Zealanders have nowhere to go if they believe decisions made on their behalf are wrong,says Claire Bleakley ...more.

Dow's 'Stacked' Chemical-Resistant Soy Coming to NZ 1/6/2012

"The latest application is a frightening example of the chemical industry collaborating on the use of a toxic cocktail of herbicides to poison the food chain. Food derived from such products will inevitably receive approval, as every previous application has, making a mockery of the regulatory process. The deal with companies like Dow Agrichemicals, Bayer Crop Science, and Monsanto is a good as done." said Jon Carapiet ...more

Harm to Mothers from GE-Soy Must be Investigated 6/5/2012

GE-Free NZ is calling for urgent follow-up on animal evidence that points to a strong possibility that there could be adverse effects in unborn children from GE soya in the maternal diet. ...more

GE-Weeds Costing Farmers Dearly 2/5/2012

The emergence of herbicide-resistant weeds as a result of planting genetically engineered crops is costing farmers dearly and shows the benefits of New Zealand's GE-free status.
'It's time for a re-direction of Science and Innovation funding away from the replanting of herbicide resistant GE Trees at Scion. Targeting valuable research funding on GE organisms, that harms our environment and internationally respected clean, green, natural brand position, must stop." ...more.

GE-Free Status a Benefit For NZ, Chinese Decision Shows 12/03/2012

Incompetent running of a long-term GE trial which has the potential to pollute the soil, kill insects and cause damage to the surrounding Kaingaroa forest, demands a halt to GE trials in the open environment. The national interest must not be undermined by the commercial partners and government agencies with biotech interests choosing where to funnel public money for science and innovation ...more

GE Maize and Soya bean Foods Could Be Illegal and Dangerous to Health 9/4/2012

"These are doubly dangerous as animals feeding studies showed that at 33% dietary level of GE maize meal there were significant adverse changes to the liver, kidney, pancreas, GI tract and immune system, as well as reproductive problems, sterility and deaths". said Claire Bleakley ...more

GE-Free Status a Benefit For NZ, Chinese Decision Shows12/3/2012

"This move has enormous implications about food safety. The US is facing significant problems from its deregulation of GE crops, and other countries aretaking positive action after learning from their mistakes" says Claire Bleakley ...more

NZ farmers could face impact of Monsanto Court win through TPPA 5/3/2012

"The Court decision has huge implications for farmers if the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement exposes all trade partners to the same minimum standards" said Jon Carapiet ....more

Professor Seralini Tour dates of Australia and biography.

Gilles-Eric Seralini is a Professor of molecular biology at the University of CAEN. He has written over 100 scientific articles and conference papers for International specialist symposiums on food safety. Seralini has been the most published in the world in scientific peer reviewed papers on pesticides and their use in association with GMO's on health of animals and humans...

Appeal Against 2,4-D resistant Corn 1/2/2012

"Health concerns made in submissions must be considered in a measured and scientific way, yet no reply or validation of FSANZ failure to do so has been made" said Jon Carapiet ...more

New Non-GM corn hybrid could benefit farmers 15/1/2012

"This is a welcome development, the corn has good yields and if grown organically has no chemicals. This is in stark contrast to GE grown crops that have unstable yields and are laden with insecticidal toxins and heavily sprayed with herbicides that affect reproduction and the endocrine system" ...more

NZ Food Authority being used by big US Biotech Company 9/1/2012

There are concerns that the NZ Food regulator FSANZ, is being manipulated by a Chemical company to gain US governmental approval for new GE crops designed to survive their proprietary herbicide 2,4-D. "The Trans Tasman body [FSANZ] rubber stamped the toxic chemical laden foods with no recognised safety tests" ...more

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China Symposium on GMO technology and Human Security 14/12/2011

Speakers from different countries reported similar findings of Consumer rejection of GM food, poor crop performance and   health issues. "Seeing such a strong concern for food safety for people and farmers was refreshing " ...more

MAdGE "copy in" Minister to trace and label GM Food 5/12/2011

New Zealand's Minister of Health would be doing the right thing for Public Health and the integrity of the food system by voting for the labelling of GM food, when she attends the trans-Tasman meeting this Friday ...more

New Zealand must support US consumers on GM labelling 24/11/2011

"Testing, traceability and labelling is in the interests of food safety globally" says Jon Carapiet ...more

Government Research Agenda goes against New Zealand Brand 21/11/2011

"The proposed research is not aimed at promoting ethical and contained biotechnology research, but at promoting more new and modified organisms, including Genetically engineered organisms, in the open environment" said Jon Carapiet spokesperson of GE Free NZ ...more

Ministers backing of '2,4-D' corn not good for Public Health 16/11/2011

"The Minister referred to the FSANZ final report which is littered with flaws and misleading commentary" said Claire Bleakley, president of GE free NZ...The report cannot justify any assumption that this food is safe. The product needs to be sent back for comprehensive long term studies looking into the effects of its chemical residues and metabolites on animals and humans"...more

Keep GE out of our FOOD and ENVIRONMENT in NZ,

Spread the word, tell your friends, send your MP and local candidates an  e-card with your concerns,

view the card

'Pure NZ' Quality Standards Face Destruction under TPPA   8/11/2011

about the TPP agreement is to remain secret for four years, but there are strong signals that the agreement will lead to a loss of sovereignty over issues that directly affect every New Zealander.   "New Zealand must not compromise the economic advantage of being World class and maintaining the gold standard for the least toxic, lest contaminated, and most ethical food production systems" said Jon Carapiet more...

Rich is wrong in World Food Day 19/10/2011

"Consumers have just sent retailers a letter asking for help over a food issue" said Claire Bleakley president of GE Free NZ more...

NZ Joins Millions Against Monsanto and R2K on World Food Day 16/10/2011

Consumers all over the world care about safe, GM-free, natural, organic, sustainable and ethical food production. more...

Food Fight Returns to Supermarkets 15/10/2011

Consumer concern about safety of GE foods is the hands of supermarket owners. That is the message behind this week. Supermarket actions in locations across New Zealand, marking World Food Day this Sunday, and coinciding with the consumer Right2Know march in the United States. more...

Visitors Back GE-free Policy for New Zealand 13/10/2011

"When up to 80% of overseas visitors say no to New Zealand releasing GMOs, our food exporters, farmers and tourism industry should listen," says Jon Carapiet,spokesperson for GE Free NZ. ...more

Bizarre Advice To Editors from NZ Science Media Centre 6/10/2011

The spin being pushed by the New Zealand Science Media Centre is obscure around important debates in science.   

Call for Moratorium as Farmers Switch Off GE-Canola, and Sales Fall 02/10/2011

"Our GE-free status is gaining us a marketing edge where organic and GE-free is in demand, and this must be protected," says Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-Free NZ more...

Official Smokescreen Undermines Science & Food Safety28/09/2011

Lost in the FSANZ smokescreen is the internationally recognised need for GE foods to be regulated for safety due to the unknown effects of the foreign gene carrying viral and bacterial DNA. This regulation loses all credibility when it relies on the rejection of statistics and published peer-reviewed data more...

Supermarkets Asked to Pull GE Maize After Study Finds GE Feed Toxic 14/09/2011

The adverse effects showing up in the animal testing of GE foods directly implicate the type of maize and soya being sold in New Zealand,"says Claire Bleakley, president of GE Free Nz. "These foods were approved safe without any rigorous or published safety tests...They should not be on sale given the organ damage confirmed by this meta study" more....    

Call for Review of Contaminated Gardasil Vaccine 12/09/2011  

The Ministry of Health must immediately recall and review the potentially life threatening Gardasil vaccine as six New Zealand batches have tested positive for the synthetic recombinant Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA [1] [2]. This finding is highly concerning as the Health Authorities were told that all viral DNA had been removed from the vaccine through purification. more...

GE-Free NZ in food and environment are asking that the New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council and Health Minister immediately review the Food Standards Australia New Zealand approval to release 2, 4-D corn line DAS-40278-9 into the food supply more...

Minister called to Intervene against 2,4 D in Food 25/8/2011

This corn event is totally new to consumers, it has caused concerning and deleterious effects even in small doses in animal feeding studies more...

Lesson for NZ: New Herbicide Withdrawn As Side Effects Disclosed 17/08/2011

"It is not clear if FSANZ have simply ignored the issue, and the effects of synthetic hormones have not been investigated, or if the data have been withheld, and kept secret because of evidence of negative health effects, more...

In Honour of Sir Paul Reeves 15/08/2011

"Sir Paul's leadership, compassion and humanity have been an enormous asset to New Zealand and he will be sorely missed, " says Jon Carapiet from GE Free NZ in food and environment.

"Our thoughts are with his family, and we extend our deepest sympathies and aroha." more...

Consumers want GE pulled off shelf: UK study 11/08/2011

"Even when people are told the GM product uses less pesticides or increases yields, despite undisclosed evidence that the opposite is true, most UK consumers are able to smell a rat." more...

Compromise of Biosecurity and Brand too High a Price to pay for TTPA deal 2/08/2011

Confidential trade negotiations may be covering up dangerous compromises that will undermine the clean-green foundations of New Zealand's economy ...more

Fear of New Toxic Soy Bean Cocktail 25/07/2011

These untested and unsafe level of 'new proteins' that will be added to our food chain has potentially serious dangers to health, especially when we already have a cocktail of other GE proteins and chemicals in the diet that could cause interactions, ...more

Human Trials of GE-Wheat Unethical 19/07/2011

"No GE foods should have been allowed into the food chain. More comprehensive research has to be done first, before allowing millions to eat any GE food, but biotech companies have stopped this being done. more...

There are serious concerns of a conflict of interest emerging in the Government's push for agricultural innovation using recombinant biotechnology, especially in the context of protecting New Zealand's Brand image. more...

GE Free AGM 14th August, The Arts Centre, 61 Abel Smith Street, Wellington 10.00-12.00am  

Federated Farmers "lobbying" Role Must Not Conflict With New Zealand GE Free Values 04/07/2011

"Federated Farmers is now being part-led by someone who has a real conflict of interest between Dr Rolleston's own commercial investment in GE. The national interest is best served by research into non-GE biotechnology, MAB (Marker Assisted Breeding), organic and ethical production," says Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE Free NZ more...

Minister Must Act On AgResearch Chicanery 24/06/2011

Documents released under the Official information Act (OIA) to the Dominion Post are a serious reflection on the way AgResearch has sought to cover up their lack of expertise and understanding on issues that are integral to animal and environmental safety, namely horizontal gene transfer. ...more

E.coli Raises Issues for Food Authority Approvals 10/06/2011

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) must consider if the latest outbreak of E.coli in Europe has implications for its impending approval of GE corn and soy more...

Maternal Blood Tests Cause for Rethink on GE Science Advice 24/05/2011

These findings show that the presumptions of safety were not made on scientific grounds and therefore pose and unknown threat to our most vulnerable, our children more...

Major Problems For Bio-Security as AgResearch Chops Roles 20/05/2011

The GE animal facility at Ruakura could be further compromised with the announcement the AgResearch is downsizing its executive positions more...

Infant Nutrition Council Misleading Parents With Attack 16/05/2011

GE Free NZ rejects the attack by the INC  over the warning to parents that the supply chain for infant formula is being allowed to be contaminated [with GE ingredients] to the point where companies are no longer committed to stopping it more...

Parents warned over  Oz baby formula 10/5/2011

Parents may want to avoid Nestle and Heinz baby formula made in Australia, and stock up on Organic New Zealand made products, after the companies they announced they will accept GM contaminants in their formula ...more

The review by Professor Heinemann and colleagues published in the The Journal of Organic Systemsfound that there was a failure by Agresearch and ERMA to properly test and monitor environmental effects from GE field experiments more...

GE Cover up or just bad Science? 5/5/2011

Soil contamination and the spread of novel genes, could devestate New Zealands agricultural sector more...

GE Red Apple scientists pipped to the post 3/5/2011

Happy Mothers Day! A delicious red apple naturally bred and tasty    more...

AgResearch Ignoring Biosecurity risks 1/5/2011

The conditions in the Ruakura fields were shocking, with waste matter from blood, effluent and milk visible. After ten years there are still no published studies into the possibility of horizontal gene transfer to soil microorganisms from the waste material more....

< 2 4-D GE corn about to be approved
Further assessment of A1042 a GE Corn line herbicide resistant to 2,4-D.

For more information on GE FREE NZ submission or to send and personalise one see outline submission

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) are set to approve a 2, 4-D resistant corn. Public health will lose again as FSANZ is set to approve GE crops designed to survive spraying with a new range of toxic herbicides. FSANZ are risking the integrity of the food system by ignoring the toxicity of 2, 4-D and missing research data.

2, 4 -D is highly toxic

2, 4 -D is highly toxic to the thyroid and male reproductive system classing it as a potent endocrine disruptor. The approval of GE foods that promote the overuse of chemicals in our food chain must be stopped. Our food is being engineered to produce and be sprayed with increasing levels of highly toxic pesticides. Regulatory approvals are turning a blind eye to the health effects and allowing our food to become commercial toxic disposal factories".

Congratulations WDC for listening to your Community.

TheWhangarei District Councilhave voted to unanimously reject the outdoor use of genetically engineered crops and animals.  The WDC decision here

must avoid Human-Cow Milk 08/04/2011

The transgenic creation of human /cow milk is ill-conceived and cruel to sentient animals.   Animals should not pay for man's arrogance and lack of ethical balance in the application of powerful technologies, says Claire Bleakley

GE Free and Nuclear values not a "Myth" 04/04/2011

The Pressure to get rid of New Zealand's GE Free status is now as high as the pressure brought to bare on NZ when David Lange declared New Zealand a Nuclear Free nation. It is sad that the Government continues to put money into the failed but costly Genetic Engineering research instead of the alternatives that have real benefit to farmers and consumers"......more

Call for Otago report to be "withdrawn" 03/04/2011

A marketing professor and team from the University of Otago "Clean Green Image" are...

"The claims made by the report are only true within a framework of deceptive practices, which raise questions of ethics and academic credibility"   

4000 GE Trees are being planted at Scion, in April 2011

Submission on Application ERMA200479: Scion, Rotorua site...
To field test Pinus radiate with genetic modifications to alter plant growth/biomass acquisition, reproductive development, herbicide tolerance, biomass utilisation, wood density and wood dimensional stability.

Approved: December 2010 There were 234 Submissions received 217 against,  6 against, 11 undecided. ...more

A big "thank you" to all who have supported us.  

We won a landmark High Court case regarding "open ended, carte blanche" applications from AgResearch. The aplications sought to modify 9 species of animals with a huge range of genetic material from bacteria, viruses as well as human and monkey genes in undisclosed locations around NZ for an unlimited time. After an appeal by AgResearch the original decision was overturned by the Appeal Court. It was then submitted to the Supreme Court who did not agree to hear the case.  All information on cases here...

Please join us to help in the fight to keep New Zealand GE FREE.
We would still love any donation to the cause. Please send a cheque to GE Free NZ, PO Box 13402, Johnsonville, or donate by Internet Banking: Account # 06-0996-0521358-00 (National Bank)

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Inghams deliberately using GM feed - despite their advertising claims! 11/2009

The Commerce Commission has warned Inghams about misleading the public about its products. It is worth reading the scientific advice provided to the Commission showing that GM-feed can result in differences in the animal eating the GM material. See: "Report on Animals Exposed to GM Ingredients in Feed" - J Heinemann.
Report on animals exposed to GM in animal feed (PDF)

Inghams has chosen to remove their GE Free label rather than keeping faith with their customers. Email: NZcomments@inghams.com.au , Phone Inghams: (07)  884 6549

READ MORE: TV one News: Inghams gets ticking off over "no GM" claims, TVNZ Breakfast News: GM Chickens, NZ Herald: Inghams warned over GM claims  


GE Telephone Poll in Auckland and Northland (COLMAR BRUNTON). The Auckland Regional Council and most of the territorial authorities north of Auckland right up to Cape Reinga surveyed  their communities  on Genetically Modified Organisms. See results...

Plans for GE grasses threaten NZ

See our press releases: 19/07, 9/08 and 19/10.
GM grass trial aims to cut cows' gas

EU says no to High-Lysine GE corn Approved in NZ 09/2009

Monsanto pulls GM corn amid serious food safety concernsApplicant's dossiers contained wide-ranging fraudulent research.

Heinemann also indicated that from comments released to him, it appears that Finland for example, was not satisfied with either the number or the of animal-feeding studies, and Malta voted to reject the maize on the basis of the INBI submission, "the same science that FSANZ attempted to bury down here." High Lysine GM Maize Withdrawn, Safety Concerns.

GE Animals: putting New Zealand at risk

It's NOT O.K.! Government research institute AgResearch has applied to develop genetically modified (GM) animals and commercialise their products. This move could pose the single biggest threat to farm animals and New Zealand cultural identity. If approved, AgResearch will be able to conduct broad-ranging genetic experiments on cows, goats, sheep, pigs, deer, llama, horses, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and chickens. They will even use cells taken from humans and monkeys. Their intention is to mix genes from different species to make transgenic animals. The process creates animal deformities, and new risks to human health, the environment and our reputation.

It's NOT O.K.! for overseas biotech investors to exploit New Zealand as an experimental playground when the public is liable for costs of clean-up when things go wrong

It&'s NOT O.K.! to create deformities and suffering in animals in order to make cheaper pharmaceuticals, when other production methods are available

It's NOT O.K.! to undermine New Zealand reputation and brand-image as a producer of safe, natural, clean food the world wants

It's NOT O.K.! to genetically engineer animals with human genes and have no respect for the integrity of species, just to make nutraceutical milks

It's NOT O.K.! to deliberately create sick animals as models of human disease when the Bioethics Council has called for an ethical review of such practices

It's NOT O.K.! to risk creating new diseases by experimenting on NZ animals when they are currently free of Mad Cow Disease and Scrapie

It's NOT O.K.! for GE animal waste to be used as compost or sprayed onto read more

GE Free New Zealand victory in landmark case 21/06/2009

AgResearch open ended genetic engineering experimentation has been overturned by a high court decision. The case taken by GE Free New Zealand was due to concerns that without a clear understanding of the organisms to be created any risk could not be evaluated. GE Free New Zealand argued that ERMA was wrong to accept the application in the first instance. Justice Clifford agreed that ERMA erred in its decision to accept the AgResearch application under the HSNO Act. This application can therefore no longer be processed. This application if approved could have allowed any DNA from animals (including human and monkey), plants, fungi, micro-organisms, viruses and/or synthetic sequences to be used in 9 livestock species. It would have set a precedent for carte blanche genetic engineering experiments in unidentified locations endangering New Zealand's agricultural economy and environment. More information please see GE Free New Zealand Press ReleaseSee the complete (46 pages pdf file) court document.

High Court Appeal On GE Animals Continues (07/06/2009)

Earlier this year the High Court upheld GE Free NZ complaint against other applications for GE animals by AgResearch. These applications for 'anywhere, anything, anytime' have the same flaws as the latest application (see: call for submissions). The decision is being appealed by AgResearch, with a hearing expected early 2010. See press release.

Submissions on GE animals ERMA200223:

1545 Submissions recieved, 1527 against, 4 for, 11 ambivalent. AgResearch has applied to develop (in indoor and outdoor containment) goats, sheep and cows genetically modified to produce human therapeutic proteins, and to alter levels of gene activities and proteins for the study of gene function, milk composition and disease resistance. See press releases from    and   . Read the full application.

ERMA Brassica Field Trial 2007-2009

GE Free NZ (in food and environment) has filed High Court Papers on 25 June 2007. After much consideration papers were filed   in relation to errors in law relating to approvals for field trials of GE Brassica... read more

Crop & Food Research in the South Island have applied to ERMA (the Environmental Risk Management Authority) for a 10-year field-trial of Genetically Engineered brassicas. The plants were engineered with Bacillus thuringiensis toxic CRY genes and bacteria and virus genes to kill cabbage white and diamond backed moth.

On the 22nd December 2008 Soil and Health spokesperson Steffan Browning photographed a flowering brassica. ERMA and MAF were notified and were presented with the photographic evidence presentation  and the written submission. The field trial was closed down all documents on breaches can be found at...

Brassica Trial Breach Fiasco...

Plantand Food Research has cancelled its genetic engineering trials on the breaches at the field trial of GE broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and forage kale after recommendation on the breach from their internal report. This follows photographic and written evidence of the trial breaches presented at an urgent meeting to ERMA and MAF-BiosecurityNZ by GE Free NZ and Soil and Health.

See photos and documentation from GE Free NZ: See documentation of breach of consent conditions and re-assessment application to ERMA by GE Free NZ. Plant & Food Report: Brassica Review of Procedures

Local Government ACTION:

YOU SHOULD HAVE A SAY RE GENETIC ENGINEERINGFrom March all councils will be consulting you regarding plans for the next 10 years. It is imperative that they hear from you that GE release into our environment is an issue that must be taken seriously.

Start your own Petition and give your GE Free requests more weight. Download a Petition Form and collect signatures of likeminded people in your community.

Valuable resources to this are also available at:    in the Take Action - Resources section.


Basic Council Lobbying Kit



Find out how to effectively lobby your Local and Regional Council  


Xenotransplantation: Animal-to-Human Transplantation

New Zealand's Bioethics Council has launched a discussion document on the subject entitled The Cultural, Spiritual and Ethical Aspects of Xenotransplantation: Animal-to-Human Transplantation. The Council is embarking on a public dialogue project to listen to the views of New Zealanders on the cultural, ethical and social aspects of xenotransplantation. Read more

A test for Bt10 is currently available within the EU!

The detection of Bt10 maize as well as the distinction from Bt11 is possible immediately. Read more here

Meningococcal vaccine Information (MeNZB) for members interest

This vaccine is now withdrawn. GE Free has collated information on the Meningococcal vaccine (MeNZB) for members interest. >> Read more here

GE Moratorium Reinstatement Bill

was defeated in Parliament last night. How the parties voted

Sign on to the ge free register and declare your property to stay GE FREE Sign on to the GE Free Register and declare your property to stay GE free. Give a powerful message to those who intent to pollute the country with GE organisms. Research overseas shows that GE cannot be contained and threatens neighbouring properties. Check out how many have signed on in your area already!!


The GE Free marches around the country were supported by thousands of people. Government however acted undemocratically deciding to lift the ge moratorium anyway, despite 70% of New Zealanders calling for it to stay in place.
At parliament's "Tent City" the People's Moratorium was launched and the Peoples Moratorium enforcement agency was set up. (see website)

Things you can do:

1. Get as many people as you can in your area to sign the GE Free Register to support your calls for councilors to adopt a GE Free stance.

2. Contact your local councilors, encourage them to declare your local area GE Free. This year is local election year, find out prospective councilors opinions and support green candidates.  

3. Visit your local Government MP–today, tell them your concerns and ask them to support their electorate!


Write or talk to your local authority - questions referring to their new responsibilities in your area after the moratorium on GE is lifted.

Check out suggested questions. New amendments are soon to be made to the Resource Management Act with more limited public notification on applications. 95% of resource consent applications are already processed on a non-notified basis and decisions are based solely on information provided by the applicant.

Human Cloning?

The New Zealand government is planning to become the first in the world to legalise the inheritable genetic modification of human beings within the next 6 months. They claim they are doing this because "There is potential for therapies that use germ-line genetic modification to rectify inherited genetic conditions such as Huntington's Disease." The legislation is called Human Assisted Reproduction Technology (HART) Bill

Although this Bill does make some positive changes, for example, ban reproductive cloning, the legal precedent it will set with inheritable genetic modification could change forever the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens. GE-Free NZ submission to the Hart Bill in MS-Word format (750kb)or in PDF format(930kb)

>The Beginning of the End of the Human Race and the Start of a Trans-human Future?

Analysis of the New Zealand Governments Proposals to Amend the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill. Read article by Truman Barr       - also includes lots of LINKS to "cloning related" sites or check out the "International Treaty Prohibiting Human Cloning and Inheritable Alterations"



About 10,000 people marched in Aucklandat a Rally on November 16, 2002 demanding Aotearoa New Zealand remain GE-Free in food and environment.

New Edition of the GE Free Food Guide out now

Search the database or download your free guide now at   

What is Monsanto doing to farmers?

The case of Percy Schmeiser and its implications - see crop choice article

Seeds of Distrust

Seeds of Distrust: The story of a GE Cover-up

In November, 2000 - in the middle of the Royal Commission on genetic engineering - the Government learned that a shipment of GE contaminated sweet corn seeds had been planted in three regions of New Zealand. Imposing strict secrecy, Prime Minister Helen Clark took control of the issue and said that the crops must be pulled out.
Then the big business lobbying began.

You can find the book here: www.craigpotton.co.nz

download leaflets, posters etc. for use on your stall.

'Coexistence' or the End of GM in NZ?-A Public Perspective - by Jon Carapiet- spokesperson for GE-Free NZ (in food and environment)

Prepared for the 'Life Sciences Network' / NZ Journalist Training Organisation workshop, Wellington 23 April 2002.

Read the article online or alternatively download it here.

File in portable document format

Commission Fails Its Mission - How the Report Of The Royal Commission On Genetic Modification Presents An Erroneous And Unjustifiably Favourable Picture of Bioengineered Foods, Steven M. Druker, Executive Director, Alliance for Bio-Integrity

Open Letter to the Royal Commission on Genetic Engineering - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Director, Institute of Science in Society  

Royal Commission on Genetic Modification

Report of the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification

The Royal Commission on Genetic Modification has delivered its recommendations to the Government. You can download the full report as a zipped up version from our website. Note: It's 5 MB in size.