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GE-Free New Zealand

in food and environment (RAGE Inc.)


Jeffery Smith -  Excellent video Jeffrey Smith talks on New Zealand's GE Free status - in the centre of New Zealand 

14/5/2016 -    Teresa Perez - World Rain Forest Movement - Teresa request to the Maori Party regarding the RMA review,  (video)

30/08/2014 - March for Change -

Videos of the March Against Monsanto -Wellington 25/5/2013  

March Against Monsanto -Wellington

March Against Monsanto-Wellington speakers

Photos of GE foods










Images of Springbok and Pronutro foods.

Labels of Springbok and Pronutro foods

Images for piglet deformities (warning might shock you)

GM soy linked to health damage in pigs - a Danish Dossier, GM Watch, 27/04/2012

Photos of Seed Freedom March - Wellington   12/10 2013








MAM Seed Freedom (Album)