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GE-Free New Zealand

in food and environment (RAGE Inc.)

Official Information Act Requests

This page relates to OIA's relating to GE Free New Zealand. 

AgResearch - OIA

AgResearch Ruakura Facility MPI Verification reports

1.6.21 OIA21-0539 -response from MPI.

14.02.2019 - 09.09.2019 MPI Verification report ; AgResearch Ruakura Campus. Verification of compliance with controls and inspection of facilities.

23.8.2019 Corrective Action Request Issued To: AgResearch - Ruakura Campus Status: CLOSED

29.8.2019 -28.11.2019 MPI Verification report; Increased frequency visit due to critical non compliance (unapproved transfer of genetically modified organism)

27.11.2019 - 28.02.2020 MPI verification report;  AgResearch Ruakura Campus. Verification of compliance with controls and inspection of facilities.

AgResearch GE Rye Grass trials

29.08.19 - OIA Request GE Free NZ regarding GE rye grass trials in the US.

26.9.2019 - Reply from AgResearch a detailed response on the forage trials undertaken by AgResearch

31.5.2021 - OIA request GE Free NZ - regarding the 2019-2021 results of the GE ryegrass and forage trials

AgResearch contract with Thompson and Clark private investigations of GE Free NZ and the Green Party

10.11.2015 - Attention Nick Daniels in-house emails relating to surveillance of GE Free NZ

23.10.2015 - GE Free NZ GE Animals Thompson and Clark report on GE Animals GE Free NZ to AgResearch

23.11.2015 - Green Party GE Animal Experiments Thompson and Clark  in-house emails relating to surveillance of the Green Party

11.4.2016 - Cancellation of Thompson and Clark  AgResearch emails regarding surveillance of GE Free NZ over the last 10 years @ $2,200/month.

24.7.2018 - Response on request for Thompson and Clark private investigations

Environmental Protection Agency

GMO Releases of Medicines for Clinical Trials

2.6.2021 ENQ-41539-R8X9F1 Telomelysin; phase II clinical trial for patients with inoperable melanoma. Trial not commenced.

2.9.2020 H202005963 Pexa Vec clinical trial Medsafe Response at close of clinical trial due to failure of outcomes.

31.10.2019 ENQ-37243-M3F1Q2 Response dsRNA re assessment enquiry. 

Plant and Food

5.5.2011 OIA Response to research results on animal feeding studies on GM apples 

25.4.2016 OIA16-0146  Ministry of Primary Industries response to the Plant and Food Research Facility Apple breach.