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FSANZ Reports and submissions

Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) Authority Assessments

FSANZ  A1269 - Cultured Quail as a Novel Food

11.12.2023 Vow application to FSANZ for cultured quail as a novel (GMO) food. All documents relating to the development of "lab" grown fermentation of quail cells in a media containing GM bovine and pig growth factors.

5.02.2024 - GE Free NZ in Food and Environment submission- opposing the development of GE cultured quail cells due to lack of safety assessment in the cocktail of chemicals, nutrients, including amino acids and vitamins.and GE cow and pig growth factors.  FSANZ has no mandate as there are and no regulatory guidelines on bio-reactor cell cultures. 

Supporting documents - 

5.02.2024 Gene Ethics submission to A1269 (Australia /NZ Alliance group)

FSANZ A1274 - Food derived from disease-resistant banana line QCAV-4.

20.02.2024 FSANZ decision on A1274 - staff recommend to Ministerial Forum to approve GM bananas 

6.11.2023 GE Free submission A1274 - comments to FSANZ regarding GM banana entering the food chain

6.11.2023 GE Free NZ submission DIR199 - comments to OGTR regarding GM banana entering the environment

FSANZ P1061 -Code Maintenance Proposal 

26/02/2023 GE Free submission regarding the amendment to mandatory Folic Acid supplementation in Bread

FSANZ P1055 - Modify definitions for gene technology and new breeding techniques 

3/12/21 FSANZ proposal P1055 to modify definitions for gene technology and new breeding techniques

GE Free NZ submission 3.12.21

PSRG submission 3.12.21

Soil and Health 3.12.21

FOE and Gene Ethics


A1193- Irradiation of Food, to include irradiation all fresh fruits and vegetables 


27.8.2019  Impossible Foods application A1186 for Soy-Leghemoglobin to be approved  into the Australia and New New Zealand food chain. NOTE: The details of manufacturing and internal methods of analysis are CONFIDENTIAL.

6.9.2019 FOIA request GE Free NZ first round questions on A1186 related to the absence of safety analysis of public submitters.

28.1.2020 FSANZ reply to GE Free NZ request for information on A1186

14.2.2020 Australian and New Zealand Food Health comments  2nd call submissions - 

17.9.2020 GE Free NZ submission at 2nd call -recommendation to decline application due to absence of safety data on a new protein created through GE process never in the food chain before. 

17.9.2020 Friends of the Earth and Gene Ethics submission on A1186

21.2.2021 Ministerial Forum final decision to approve A1186. Often the same team making the submission to A1186 also are delegated on behalf of the Ministerial to the Forum to make the decision


FSANZ A1138  

12/01/2018 A1138 – Food derived from Provitamin A Rice Line GR2E   All documents associated with the GM rice approval.  

12/01/2018 GE Free request for information to FSANZ under Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 

12/01/2018 FSANZ Mark Booth reply to GE Free NZ 

16/01/2018 Letter requesting meeting to Jenny Reid  (NZ Forum member) 

18/01/2018 Response to Jenny Reid  

23/01/2018 Letter following up meeting  with Jenny Reid 

26/01/2018 Hon Minister Damien O'Connor  request for review of GM Rice decision. 

Supporting evidence -

08/02/2018 Charges for FOI  - FSANZ reply 

10/02/2018 FOI request for fee waiver

05/03/2018 Reply from Hon Minister Damien O'Connor  


Joint submission GE Free NZ and Soil and Health

J.R. Simplot application to FSANZ for GM food derived from potato lines F10, J3, W8, X17 & Y9


GE Free NZ submission to herbicide tolerant canola line MS11.  

Application by Bayer Cropscience for Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Canola line MS11



Application A1073  - Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean DAS-44406-6

GE Free Submission supported by Australian Organistions

Public submission form guide - Please feel free to use your own wording, just cut and paste into the form you want. You need to send by e-mail or hard copy by the 6th December 5pm 2012

Letter from Alliance members to COAG Ministers.

Legal Opinion

21/3/2014 GE FREE - FOOD STANDARD AMENDMENT NO. 53 LETTER OF ENGAGEMENT Letter of engagement with Kahui Legal. 

12/5/2014 Preliminary advice for GE Free New Zealand: Legal finding - FSANZ decision on an application is only appealable by an unsuccessful applicant, consumer and public interest groups have no opportunity to challenge the decision except through the Minister's consultation process

Appeal to the Regulatory Review Committee 

Regulatory Review committee report of GE Free NZ appeal, tabled on 21st February 2014

26/9/2013 Transcript of the Regulatory Review Committee hearing. 

New Zealand Parliament - Regulatory Review Committee documents - Evidence and Submissions,

25/02/2013 GE Free NZ submission to the Regulatory Review Committee 

18/04/2013 OIA letter from Minister Nikki Kaye to Jon Muller, Reason for approving 2,4-D, soybean in to the Food chain. 

17/07/2013 OIA letter from Minister Nikki Kaye 

24/04/2013 OIA response to Frank Rowson from MPI on advice to Minister for food safety, Niki Kaye.   

26/06/2013 Letter to Jon Muller,  turning down GE Free first appeal to Regulatory Review Committee, due to not being made in relation to any NZ regulations. 

03/07/2013 Submission to Regulatory Review committee appealing the decision to approve the A1073 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate ammonium soybean. 

19/08/2013 Letter from Chair Regulatory Review committee, Maryan Street, to Jon Muller notifying acceptance of complaint, and getting response from MPI. 

Submission of Claire Bleakley for GE Free NZ to the Regulatory Review Select Committee

FSANZ A416 Maize recall

20/09/2012 Letter to FSANZ on NK603 /A416 Maize recall 

FSANZ 2, 4 - D Tolerant Corn A1042 (2011)