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GE-Free New Zealand

in food and environment (RAGE Inc.)

ERMA / EPA submissions

Re-Assessment ERMA200223 (12/03/2021)

APP: 204212 Reassessment committee decision refusing the reassessment of the GE animals by the EPA. (02.09.2021)

APP: 204212 Staff report on the recommendation to the EPA reassessment committee. (02.09.21)

GE Free reassessment of ERMA200223 (12.3.21)  GE Free reassessment highlights the failed outcomes and the inhumane sterile results of genetic engineering (GE) that include transgenic and genome deletion/insertion technologies on the cows and goats.  GE Free is calling for the reassessment of the AgResearch experiments. GE Free NZ has through OIA and Annual reports been able to detail the poor outcomes. 

Open Letter - Call for Reassessment on Glyphosate 5/11/2018

Open Letter caling for a reassessment on communities and workers conditions when using Glyphosate Based Herbicides (GBH)

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Organisms Not Genetically Modified) Regulations - amendments

The Ministers Press Release  

Report on submissions  - matters raised in submissions which led to the Ministers amendment of regulations

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Organisms not genetically modified) Amendment regulations 2016

ERMA200706 and ERMA 200792  Arabidopsis thaliana

ERMA 200792  to import into containment  GE Arabidopsis thaliana  seed.

ERMA200706  to develop in containment  Arabidopsis thaliana  plants

GE Free NZ  submission  and  power point

NZ Forest Research Institute (Scion)

ERMA20023 (01/03/2010)

Re-Assessment ERMA200223 (27/03/2011)

ERMA200421 (withdrawn 10/08/2010)

GMR07001-Genetically modified canarypox contained in equine influenza vaccine  (18/11/2008)

GMD02028 (2002) -To develop transgenic cattle that can express functional therapeutic foreign proteins in their milk, and to develop transgenic cattle to study gene function and genetic performance.  (see MADGE court case decision).

Select Committee Hearing on the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Bill  

GE Free Submission  to the EPA Bill and reply from Select committee. 8/02/2011