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27.02.2024 New Zealand GMO watchdog decision risks compromising protection of farmers, environment and health, GMWatch comment.


 09.10.2023 - 7 Facts about Genetic Engineering 

 02.10.2023  The Genetic Engineering ‘Oppenheimer Moment’ for New Zealand. Daily BLOG: Jon Carapiet article on the Green Party, environment and a "Teal" deal. 

 04.08.2023 Premium for GE-Free food adds value to exports and to Brand New Zealand. Daily BLOG: Jon Carapiet article on Premiums for Staying GE Free

16.07.2023  Trials of GE rye-grass are pulled in Australia. Is the precautionary principle to blame? Daily Blog Jon Carapiet article on precaution. 

04.07.2023   Grass isn’t greener for GM trial in Australia. David Williams Environment and Climate Editor | Te Waipounamu South Island Correspondent, Newsroom. Excellent article on the state of GE in NZ and Australia. 

27.05.2023 GE Fact Finding Mission. Claire Bleakley talk to Sue Teodoro Wairarapa Time Age, p.7.


10/02/2020.  GMO rules could force LIC to go. Gerald Piddock covers the Waikato District Council GMO Hearing. Farmers Weekly,  

31.01.2020 Pro- and anti-genetic modification arguments made in hearing


26.05.2019 Fonterra is investing in artificial meat, but would you eat it? Bonnie Flaws discusses artificial meat, Stuff 


What does GE-free status mean to brand New Zealand?  Jon Carapiet's excellent article on CRISPA and the benefits of being GE Free.  

GE Free NZ says rye grass is an "illusion" NZ Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture Science critiques at GE rye grass. 

GE ryegrass trial 'a costly miscalculation' Newshub reports on GE rye grass outcomes.


Threat of GE trees in Chile. Global Justice Ecology Project 23 May  


'Round-Up report 'not thorough enough'  Morning Rural News, RNZ National   

Push for govt to step in on GMO rules GE Free NZ Jon Carapiet speaks to RNZ  Rural reporter Alexa Cook about council plan change for GMO's.  

Fiona Elworthy Article, Lady Elworthy and her bees,   Latitude, 2016 p.58.  

Farmers challenge GE ruling in High Court


GE animal research on a hiding to nowhere. Emeritus Professor Richard Wilkins: NZ Herald Oct 29, 2015

Transgenic cow research branded as a disaster Guyon Espiner talks to Claire Bleakley on Morning Report, Radio New Zealand   23.10.2015

Feds should support Pure Hawkes Bay's initiative Bruno Chambers and Will MacFarlane, Farmers Weekly, October 19 2015

"GE Crops not to blame" by Neal Wallace Farmers Weekly Thursday 10.06.2015



Call for inquiry into cow-killing swedes, Peter Fowler talks to Jon Carapiet   calling on government officials to investigate herbicide tolerant (HT) swedes linked to the deaths or illness of hundreds of cows in Southland.Rural News, Radio NZ.

Genetic engineering debate rises again, By Rebecca Reider, Element Magazine, NZ Herald,   Monday 4.08.2014

Councils can now fight GMO Erin Kavanah-Hall talks to Claire Bleakley Wairarapa Times Age 20/02/2014

"Council win GMO fight" Sun Live reporter detailing the Environments courts decision to allow GMO's to be in Council plans. Wednesday 12 Feb, 2014   Sun Live- the Bay's News First!

Council win GMO fight

Posted at 8:27am Wednesday 12 Feb, 2014

- See more at: http://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/64202-council-win-gmo-fight.html#sthash.TosIaRnJ.iByDEo44.dpuf

GMO decision 'sets precedent' - Morning Rural News - Claire Bleakley, president of GE Free NZ, comments on the decision handed down by the Environment Court.


Activist lauds GE-free city - by Sarah Dunn - Nelson Mail interview with Jeffrey Smith on his visit to NZ 21.12.2013

Overwhelming Support for Local Decisions on GM Free Status: National Poll   - Pure Hawkes Bay 2.12.2013

Protesters join global call against Monsanto - Taranaki Daily News - New Plymouth   27.05.2013
Marching Against Genetic Engineering by Mava Moayyed The Wellingtonian 28.05.2013


We must keep our '0" tolerance on GE. Straight Furrow 4/12/2012

GE plant allowed to flower, scientist fired By Hana Garret- Walker The New Zealand Herald 10.10.2012

GM Cow could produce hypo allergenic milk. Rural News, Radio NZ 2/10/2012

Strong opposition to GE milk, Ali Tocker, Waikato times, 2/10/2012

GM crop link to liver failure Jamie Morton, The New Zealand Herald. 12/9/2012

Debate: Should NZ grow genetically modified crops? Graeme Peters and Jack Heinemann. The New Zealand Herald, 12/9/2012

GM-free means good sales for New Zealand. Stephanie Howard, The Dominion Post 5/9/2012

Rowdy protest at Biotech event, Katie Holland, Daily Post (Rotorua) 3/9/2012

Angry protests greet top players in GM, Jamie Morton, The New Zealand Herald, 3/9/2012

GM site attack sparks fears of secret trials Tessa Johnstone, Times Age (Wairarapa) 16/4/2012


Vandals' $1 million rampage Cherie Taylor, The Daily Post 14/4/2012

GM attack 'thretens NZ's edge' by Isaac Davidson, The New Zealand Herald, 14/4/2012

Vandals Destroy hundreds of GM pine trees Fairfax/One News 13/4/2012

Hundreds of GE trees destroyed Stuff National News 13/4/2012

Vandals destroy GE pine trees - SunLive 13/4/2012

Valuable GM info lost with axed trees by AAP MSN News 13/04/2012

GE Trees destroyed at Scion site Radio New Zealand 13/4/2012

Police investigate Crown Research break in Voxy News Engine. Voxy   13/04/2012

$400,000 damage as intruders wreak GM trial havoc NBR Staff, NBR 13/4/2012


GE Activists: Ban high GE levels SA foods Biz Community Industry News. SA 12/04/2012

South African foods in NZ GE muddle Ankush Chibber, Food Navigator - Asia 10/4/2012

Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini Tour of Australia, dates and bio via the Awareness Party.


Farming can do without GE's help NZ Farmers Weekly, 28/11/2011 p.23.

Warning on GM laws by Audrey Young 10/11/2011

Consumer Watchdog: Products from GM crops stay on Supermarket shelves by Celeste Anstiss, NZ Herald, 9/10/2011  

Campaigners say crop failures nail in coffin for GE production, Radio New Zealand News,  6/10/2011


GM fears may harm needy says scientist  By Eloise Gibson, NZ Herald, 28/01/2011


Animal death toll ends cloning trials, Kieran Chug, The Dompost, 21/02/2011


Watchdog red-flags GM food, By Celeste Gorrell Anstiss, NZ Herald 13/03/2011,


Commercial benefits lacking in GE trials, Marty Sharpe, the Dompost, 29/08/2011




GM corn under scrutiny after health doubt raised, David Williams, The Press, 26/11/2010