Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) Authority Assessments


Joint submission GE Free NZ and Soil and Health

J.R. Simplot application to FSANZ for GM food derived from potato lines F10, J3, W8, X17 & Y9


GE Free NZ submissionto herbicide tolerant canola line MS11. 

Application by Bayer Cropscience for Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Canola line MS11


Application A1073 - Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean DAS-44406-6

GE Free Submission supported by Australian Organistions

Public submission form guide - Please feel free to use your own wording, just cut and paste into the form you want. You need to send by e-mail or hard copy by the 6th December 5pm 2012

Letter from Alliance members to COAG Ministers.

Appeal to the Regulatory Review Committee 25/2/2013-

Regulatory Review committee report of GE Free NZ appeal, tabled on 21st February 2014

Transcript of the Regulatory Review Committee hearing. 26/9/2013

New Zealand Parliament - Regulatory Review Committee documents - Evidence and Submissions,

GE Free NZ submission to the Regulatory Review Committee 25/2/2013

OIA letter from Minister Nikki Kaye to Jon Muller, Reason for approving 2,4-D, soybean in to the Food chain. 18/4/2013

OIA letter from Minister Nikki Kaye 17/7/2013

OIA response to Frank Rowson from MPI on advice to Minister for food safety, Niki Kaye.  24/4/2013

Letter to Jon Muller,  turning down GE Free first appeal to Regulatory Review Committee, due to not being made in relation to any NZ regulations. 26/6/2013

Submission to Regulatory Review committee appealing the decision to approve the A1073 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate ammonium soybean. 3/7/2013

Letter from Chair Regulatory Review committee, Maryan Street, to Jon Muller notifying acceptance of complaint, and getting response from MPI. 19/8/2013

Submission of Claire Bleakley for GE Free NZ to the Regulatory Review Select Committee

FSANZ A416 Maize recall

Letter to FSANZ on NK603 /A416 Maize recall 20/09/2012

FSANZ  2, 4 - D Tolerant Corn A1042 (2011)

FSANZ Advantame A1034 (11/03/2011)