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GE-Free New Zealand

in food and environment (RAGE Inc.)

Central and Local Government submissions

GMO provisions in District and Unitary Plans.

New Plymouth District Plan

Shaping our Future Together  New Plymouth Draft District Plan.

GE Free NZ submission, submitted on 12.3.2018

Soil and Health submission  

Waikato District Plan  

Proposed Northland Regional Plan 2017

National Environmental Standards-Plantation Forestry (NES-PF)

Ministry Primary Industries Consultation  documents on proposed NES-PF - 2014-2017

GE Free NZ submission to NES-PF, submitted 11.8.2015                                

OIA reply to Ms Grammer and Ms Murphy about  submissions received by MPI, dated 12.2.2016

OIA questions and reply from Oliver Hendrickson information when the NES-PF report will go to Cabinet for sign off dated 19.2.2017

National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry; Regulatory impact statement.   23.6.2016

OIA reply from MPI  update information on the timeline assessment and approval, dated 16.8.2016

OIA reply from Ministry of the Environment seeking date Cabinet will finalise NES-PF, dated 14.6.2017

Proposed NES-PF: Summary of submissions and recommendations. MPI's detailed analysis and recommendations. 8.8.2017

National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry  Legislation for RMA NES-PF 2017/174. 8.8.2017

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

GE Free NZ Press releases regarding Resource Legislation Amendment Bill  (2016 -2017)

GE Free NZ submission to select committee

Māori Party continue to support  GE Free stance Maori Party (14/3/2017)  

Resource Legislation Bill  - Checkpoint with Campbell, RNZ starts - 1.19.34mins  (23/3/2017) (audio)

Environment Minister Nick Smith rejects Act claims Maori get too much power in Resource Management reforms.  Claire Trevitt, NZ Herald (2/4/2017)

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, committee reading.   Interview with Claire Bleakley, (starts 2mins) (4/4/2017) (audio)

8 year RMA reform saga enters home straight with GM carve-out. National Business Review (4/4/2017)

GE-Free Zones partially protected in RMA amendments.   Soil and Health Press Release (5/4/2017)

GE-Free zone victory against Nick Smith arrogant power grab. GE Free Northland Press Release (6/4/2017)

Labour raises questions about narrow scope of GM-free  Hawkes Bay Today (6/4/2017)

Regions win battle to keep GE Free status but confusion remains Gerard Hutchings NZ Farmer (6/4/2017)