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Save Our Seeds 

 Gene Drives and Synthetic Biology (2020) Excellent interviews by expert scientists on Gene Drives.  Clear explanation on the technology with the dangers that arise from this technology. #gene drives, #Ignicio Chapella, #Kevin Estvelt, # Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecha, 

Food Matters Aotearoa  2015

Short interviews on GE matters for our food production and consumer awareness that are still relevant in 2021. See more at Food Matter Aotearoa  

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Food Matters Aotearoa 01: How Nutritious is your Food? An interview with Dr Vandana Shiva, Dr Ann Goodwin and Phillis Tichinin 

Food Matters Aotearoa 02: Should New Zealand embrace GM crops? An interview with Professor Gilles Eric Seralini, Emeritus Professor Don Huber,  Professor Jack Heinemann, Claire Bleakley

Food Matters Aotearoa 03: How can we produce healthier food?  An interview with Emeritus Professor Don Huber, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Phillis Tichinin, Bob Mackley, Dr. Meriel Watts, Claire Bleakley

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Children Food and Health 

Dr Michelle Perro paediatrician talks leaky gut, NCGS, toxicity & children

Zen Honeycutt Moms Across America discusses health, toxicity, gut dysbiosis & healing children

Dr Michael Antoniou Sources & Mechanisms of health risks - GMO foods & glyphosate Dr. Antoniou, London based genetic engineer Dr Michael Antoniou discusses the sources & mechanisms of health risks from GMO foods and Glyphosate-based herbicides.