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GM Annual Reports

GM Annual Reports on New Zealand experiments 2000 - 2021

All Crown Research Institutes (CRI) are required by law to provide comprehensive Annual Reports on thier research to the EPA, used to be ERMA.   Below are links to the website where they are held or actualy reports (pdf) where they are missing on the website.   There are only two current trials (AgResearch and Scion) all the rest were closed down due to failures or breaches.   

ERMA 200223 GM cows, sheep and goats -  AgResearch, Ruakura

AgResearch ERMA 200223 -10 year report AgResearch 10 year report on its activities.   

ERMA200223 - Annual Report 2020

ERMA200223 - Annual Report 2019

ERMA200223 -  Annual Report 2018

ERMA200223  - Annual report 2017

ERMA200223  - All information including EPA application and decision on AgResearch GM animals.(cattle, sheep and goats) 2010-2016   

ERMA200223 - Annual Report (2015)  

Outcome of transgenic embryo transfers in cow experiments - AgResearch OIA response. (2012)

GMF98009  - Annual Reports on GM animals (cattle) performance including births, deaths and health problems, (1999-2000)

GMF98009  - Annual Reports on GM animals (cattle) performance including births, deaths and health problems, (2004-2011)

  • REA 01004 - Application for reassessment - ERMA decision  

GMF98009  - Annual Reports on GM animals (cattle) performance including births, deaths and health reports, (2001)

GMD02028  - Annual reports and final report on GM animals (cattle) performance including brths, deaths and health problems (2004-2013)

GM Trees - Scion (NZ Forest Research Institute), Rotorua

ERMA200479 Scion Annual Report 2020 -1000 GE trees produced reproductive structures: 28 died. 

ERMA200479 Scion Annual Report 2019 - 365 GE trees produced reproductive structures:8 died.

ERMA200479 Scion Annual report 2018 - 43 GE trees produced reproductive structures, 11 died. 

ERMA200479 Scion Annual Report 2017  

GMF99001 - (ERMA200479) Application Documents relating to the GE Trees application and annual reports on the agronomic performance on transgenic pine and spruce trees modified with herbicide resistance genes (2004-2016).

Breaches that led to the closure of this application.  

GMF99005- Annual reports to ERMA on the agromomic performance of transgenic pines and spruce trees modified with genes altering reproductive traits (2004-2008)

GM onions (Allium) - Crop and Food / Plant and Food, Lincoln

GMF03001 - Annual and final reports on GM onion field test tolerant to the herbicide glyphosate; to evaluate their environmental impact; herbicide tolerance; agronomic performance; development as cultivars and equivalency to non-genetically modified onions.  (2005-2008)

GMF06002 - Field test over 10 consecutive years, the vegetable allium species onion, garlic and leek with genetically modified agronomic and quality traits (withdrawn)

REA04001 - Grounds for reassessment decision  

GM Brassica - Crop and Food / Plant and Food, Lincoln

GMF06001  - Annual reports to ERMA on agronomic performance of   GM brassica cauliflower, broccolli, cabbage and forage kale (2008-2009)

Breaches that closed down this application  

GM sheep - PPL, Whakamaru - Alpha 1 anti trypsin (hAAT) 

GMF98001 PPL 1999 Annual Report

GMF98001 PPL 2000 Annual Report

GMF98001 PPL 2001 Annual Report

GMF98001 PPL 2002 Annual Report

GMF98001 PPL 2003 Annual Report

PPL final Report 2004

GM Field tests and outdoor developments that were approved prior to 1998  - under IAG approvals.  

GM Field Tests and outdoor developments that have been approved after 1998  

GM Field tests or outdoor developments that were publically notified but then withdrawn.