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GE-Free New Zealand

in food and environment (RAGE Inc.)

Royal Commission of Inquiry

GE-Free New Zealand  welcomed the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI)into genetic engineering. We felt this issue needed to be comprehensively addressed. Until the RCI has looked into all aspects of GE, including medical and clinical research, we will not know that it is scientifically or ethically acceptable. Prior to the Royal Commission genetic engineering in New Zealand has not been adequately addressed. The Commission are due to report back on or before June 1st 2001.

The GE-Free NZ Submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry was put together by Dr.Guy Hatchard & National Coordinator Claire Southward. We submitted Witness Briefs from the following people:

  • Dr. Mae Wan Ho, Institute for Science in Society (ISIS)  
  • Prof. Joe Cummins, University of Ontario
  • Dr. Steven Druker, JD, Alliance for Bio-Integrity. Brought case against FDA-US Food & Drugs Administration.
  • Jon Carapiet, Consumer researcher
    (please click onto links to for witness briefs)

We presented the submission to the RCI on 30th Jan 2001 and additionally a closing submission & a legal submission were made in March 2001.


The Nelson GE-Free Awareness group   also made a submission to the RCI.

  • Allan Addison Saipe, Restauranteur, The Grape Escape.
  • Sol Morgan, Community Gardens coordinator, Golden Bay
  • Joe Rifici, Independent Citizen Observer/Analyst
  • Roland Dallas, Director Dovedale Foods (Bakery)
  • Dr. Steven Druker, JD, Alliance for Bio-Integrity
    (please click onto links to for witness briefs)

The Nelson GE-Free Awareness group   also made a closingsubmission to the RCI and showed overheads indicating
"TheReasons", "TheProcess" as perceived by them, plus Risks and Benefits.

We hope our efforts at the RCI have not only increased public awareness but will eventuate in a positive recommendation by the Commission and will result in the banning of GE in Food & Environment in NZ.  

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the issue and supports us in our aim.

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