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Mourning the Passing of A Great New Zealander 07/03/2020

The news of Jeanette Fitzsimons sudden passing is a cause of great sadness and a time to remember and honour a great New Zealander.

Jeanette was a voice for a vision of a better future, not just for Aotearoa but the whole world. Her calm and thoughtful ways of doing things showed respect and tolerance for differences of opinion. Her passion to follow her convictions to protect the environment and the welfare of people was central to guiding this country towards being a more sustainable and fair society.

Jeanette's work to protect the environment started early, and when she was elected to Parliament she played an essential role in the development of environmental policies, including the HSNO* Act that ensures there is regulatory oversight of genetically modified/engineered organisms to protect the environment, people and livelihoods.

Her work has helped preserve the core values that underpin our civil society and New Zealand's reputation for safe high quality food.

Jeanette and her family lived their convictions on their Organic Farm showing people that working with natural systems and sustainability in mind is central to preserving biodiversity and the wellbeing of people.

Her work is a foundation of the growing awareness and commitment to a sustainable future that we see today and represents a legacy for future generations.

The best way to honour her memory is to ensure that her kaupapa is respected and carried on.

As those who knew and loved Jeanette mourn her passing, our thoughts and condolences go out to her family.

*Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act