About Us

GE-Free New Zealand in food & environment (Rage Inc.) is a non-profit organisation.

Your membership subscription & donations will help to finance the following:

Our activities include:

  • Newsletter which includes the newest information about developments concerning Genetic Engineering - local - national - international.
  • Monitoring applications for GE-crops or foods, writing submissions to and attending hearings at Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) or Food Standards Australian New Zealand (FSANZ).
  • Advice and assistance with GE submissions to Councils and Government bodies.
  • Writing and presenting submissions & calling expert witnesses - on the problems of Genetic Engineering in New Zealand
  • Legal challenges
  • Enlisting public support for boycotts & petitions requesting major food producers to label/go GE-free.
  • Provide valuable information resource to member & the public (e.g. website, info for public libraries, public meetings, public awareness activities)

GE Free NZ CONTACTS including regional branches:

Office BranchContact PersonPhone / FaxEmail
Head Office GE-Free New Zealand
PO Box 13402, Wellington
(04) 477 4744
Press contacts
Spokesperson Jon Carapiet  (09) 815 3370 spokesperson@gefree.org.nz
Transgenic animal/health issues Claire Bleakley (06) 308 9842 president@gefree.org.nz
Regional Branch Contacts
GE FREE NORTHLAND in Food & Environment Zelka Linda Grammer
Auckland GE Free NZ (Coalition) Dianna or Jon (09) 378 8945 youcangetmeonline@yahoo.com
GE Free Hawke’s Bay  Adrian White
(06) 878 1512
Central Hawkes’ Bay  Warwick Mather (06) 857 8080 mountview@paradise.net.nz 
Claire Bleakley (06) 308 9842
GE Free Kapiti Vicki McCaffrey or Barbara Mountier (04) 905 2526 n.mountier@clear.net.nz
GE Free Wellington Jon Muller (04) 477 4744 secretary@gefree.org.nz
GE Aware Nelson Susie Lees  (03) 543 2341 info@gefree.org.nz
Groundswell, Christchurch Tremane Barr (03) 981 5235 tremane.barr@clear.net.nz 
Dunedin Coalition for a GE Free Environment Ruth Lawson (03) 476 1345   lawbrad@clear.net.nz
GE Free Manawatu Susan Galea susangalea@hotmail.com


There are various other groups with whom we work together to achieve our goal: GE-Free New Zealand in food and environment.